Angry Birds Movie Comics #1 Een Nieuwe Start – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Paul Tobin,Jeff Parker
Illustrations: Too many to specify
Coloring: Too many to specify
Publisher: Ballon

Angry Birds Movie Comics #1 Een Nieuwe Start – Comic Book Review

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Even though we have reviewed several of the Angry Birds comic books in the past, with the movie that is right around the corner, a new series of comics has been launched based on the characters from said movie. This means that the very familiar not-so-happy birds have been altered slightly to match their digital counterparts and also their personalities. We were curious to see if that much has changed when it comes to the overall plot and writing of the series and perhaps if we should keep our eyes on the movie as well.

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Just like the previous comic book series, there is no bigger picture to be found, but all small witty stories, each handling a different topic. One thing seems to be a key feature in all the stories, namely ‘misfortune’. Even though most stories often revolve around ‘Red’, the red Angry Bird, it’s all about overcoming problems, in a witty and amusing way that stays true to the characters’ personality. Red, the grumpy one, will act accordingly and often solve his issues with a bit of violence and grumbling, while the others have their own quirks and behavioral patterns.

The flow of all the stories is rather pleasant and they never feel too short or too long to get a certain point across. Of course, it could have been nice to either have one page gags or a full story, but this formula seems to work quite decently as well. Even though it’s clear these books are directed towards a younger audience, they don’t carry any specific values, meaning it’s pretty much mindless entertainment, and a fairly decent one at that.

A shift in the illustration style is very clear. Where in the original series all of the characters were just round balls of fluff, the current cast has received ‘human-like’ features. This means their bodies have been altered to resemble the stature of a human, their legs lengthened and perhaps even facials expressions have been updated. A fun style, making the series a bit more modern, but not a necessary evolution.


Angry Birds Movie Comics #1 Een Nieuwe Start is a fun start to a new line of Angry Birds stories and while it is not really a series that many people had been waiting for, it’s amusing and offers light and witty content. If you’re looking for something to read while your brain is slowly turning in for the night, this bundle of short stories will probably prove to be rather entertaining.

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Rating: 6.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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Angry Birds Movie Comics #1 Een Nieuwe Start - Comic Book Review, 6.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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