Cardfight!! Vanguard Triple Drive Booster

Those who have been playing Cardfight!! Vanguard for a while now will probably know that Bushiroad likes to surprise its players with additional special booster packs or collaboration projects. In the past, we have seen the card game publisher work together with massive franchises such as Shaman King and Record of Ragnarok to add a bit of flair to the decks of many players. Of course, they have also released Festival Collections and other similar sets. This time, however, we’re in for a treat with the Triple Drive Booster, as this set focuses on reprinting older important Cardfight!! Vanguard cards as well as a few new additions and alternate arts.

If we have to be honest, this article can be kept quite short, as the Triple Drive Booster set is actually a very simple but nice Cardfight!! Vanguard release. You’ll find reprints of many special effect Triggers in this set, as well as important Vanguards and support cards from previous sets. If you’re looking to complete an older deck, or simply want to start playing an older deck, we suggest looking at the card list for this newly released set. That being said, there are two completely new ride lines to be found here as well. You’ll be able to find Soul Awakening Guard, Leuhan for Keter Sanctuary, and Wrought Iron Dragon King, Zedhlans for Dragon Empire. Leuhan focuses on performing an additional strong attack by riding Soul Awakening Dragon Horse, Leuhanmaris at the end of the battle. After the next battle with Leuhanmaris, you’ll ride back to Leuhan by riding it from your soul. Zedhlans, however, focuses on raw power and an additional Drive Check. When certain conditions are met, you can even Stand Zedhlans again, in order to deliver another devastating blow.

This set may have been a reprint for the most part, but it still provides much-needed support for Cardfight!! Vanguard players who have only started their card game career recently. By having sets such as this one, cards remain accessible, and it ensures that every player can make the deck they truly want to play. We also loved the alternate art versions in the set, and it’s always nice to try out the new unique ride lines that were introduced here. Of course, the fact that every card in the set is also foiled makes it an even nicer addition if you wish to spice up your decks with a bit of extra ‘bling’. Just like the Festival Collection booster packs, these small sets are truly worth looking forward to.

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