Another Sight – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Developer: Lunar Great Wall Studios
Publisher: Fish Eagle
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Tested on: PC

Another Sight – Review

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Escape the underground tunnels in London using only the powers of an almost blind girl and the flexibility of a cat, while doing this in a steampunk kind of setting. With only this information you might say Lunar Great Wall Studios has come up with an awesome new game called Another Sight. In the game you will follow Kit, who’s has gone blind when the tunnel she was exploring collapsed, and the mysterious cat Hodge who she met shortly after the accident. Will this be a lovely story about a girl and a cat or is it just another old cat woman title? Read and you will find out.


We start the game in 1899 London were we meet teenager Kit. Kit has lost her sight when the underground tunnel that she was exploring collapsed. After that happened a mysterious cat named Hodge appeared in the game. Kit and Hodge need to team up in order to survive and escape the underground tunnels. Along the way you will have to solve puzzles and make your way through the environment. On your journey through the tunnels you will meet important characters from the past who teach Kit and Hodge more about their influences on the world and the dangers they encounter.

The story is original and they did a good job with it. But not only the story is important here, also important are the graphics, sound and gameplay to make a good game so let’s get into that and see if they make or break it.


Another Sight uses 3D-graphics. It has a steampunk kind of look mixed with cartoon influences. The details in the characters are extremely well done, from the stripes and hairs of Hodge his fur to the buttons on the clothes of Kit, everything is pictured just right.

They also paid a lot attention to the areas that you are walking through; the shadows on the walls when you are moving past them, the different undergrounds you are walking over, and so much more. When developing this game they really thought of everything as far as the graphics go.


The in-game sounds of Another Sight are also fantastically done. They go great together with the graphics of the game and what is happening on your screen. Just like the graphics they are very detailed. For example, the voice of Kit, the footsteps or the sound that she makes when she jumps. It’s just the complete package and it really benefits the game and doesn’t get annoying. The music that plays in the background completes everything.


Another Sight is an adventure game. In the first few moments that you play the game the game will show you a short introduction on the background story and on what happened to Kit and how she met Hodge. After that you will learn the controls that you have to use in order to play the game. After the introduction and getting familiar with the controls, the actual game will start.

In-game you have the control over Kit (a little girl) and Hodge (a cat). It is your goal to move further through the underground and eventually escape it. While playing the game you have to switch between characters in order to move on. Sometimes you will have to play as Kit to pull a handle so you can continue and then follow this up by switching to Hodge and climb over certain obstacles to stand on a pressure plate to open up a gate so Kit can move forward. The idea behind it is quite good. Kit who is almost blind and can only see a tiny bit of what is ahead and Hodge who can move forward and explore so that you know what you have to do when you are playing with Kit again. However, the idea might be great, the execution isn’t. The controls that you have to use are a bit buggy which is a real let-down. It’s a shame since the intention was so good.

During the game you will also encounter certain famous people from the past (Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and a couple others) that are in some sort of a hidden society. They help you to understand more of the world that you are in.

Like mentioned before the controls are a bit buggy which can get really annoying. But the idea that you have to solve puzzles and use both characters is a great idea. The puzzles themselves aren’t really hard to solve, but it gets difficult because sometimes you have to do something with Kit but almost have no vision on what you are doing. Sometimes this will cause the ‘death’ of Kit or Dodge. Now about the dying part, you actually can’t really die. The character that ‘dies’ will respawn at the last save point and sometimes both characters will respawn there meaning that you will have to do a puzzle again. Also there aren’t any lives which is also quite nice since you can easily continue your progress.

When you are looking at the big picture, the idea of the game is really well, like mentioned before. But during the execution, it seems like something went wrong. The bug that you encounter in controlling both characters are a real let-down and leave you with mixed feelings.


While creating Another Sight the developers came up with a great story idea that could be really good if they get everything to work. They really show that they were on a good path with the graphics and the sound. The details in this are so fantastic that you almost think that the gameplay couldn’t ruin it. But unfortunately the gameplay is a let-down, the bug in the game is too common and the controls that sometimes refuse to work don’t make it any better. Looking at the whole picture and if you love this genre of games, you might be able to appreciate it and really enjoy Another Sight.




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Another Sight - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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