Are Online Slots Popular in Australia

Are Online Slots Popular in Australia

As one may think there’s no person in the world who doesn’t like to play slots, still the question remains- is everybody allowed to do so? And it’s not just age limits we aim at, but certain laws regarding gambling and gaming online, which are not the same for every country. But, if you do have the privilege of being able to access online casino sites, the try the slot games at Thor Slots today.

A brief intro on gambling and laws in general

 As we said, different countries have different laws and regulations which make it possible for citizens to be or not to be allowed to gamble. It is very important to note that there are different laws regarding land-based and online casinos. Even if a country allows people to gamble in the real world, perhaps it prohibits online gambling. The same goes vice versa, but perhaps more countries allow online rather than real-world gambling. Of course, there’s one thing in common for each and every person. If one is under 18, gambling is strictly prohibited, no matter where.

 How popular are online slots in Australia?

 Aussies are just like any other people in the world, they like having fun. That includes online casinos as well. They are also into roulette and other traditional games, and they love slots a lot. If you start searching, you will see that they are interested in Aristocrat pokies online for real money. But, one is not to be blamed! Who could resist the colorful world of online casinos and their thrilling bonuses and amazing winnings?

However, there’s a huge difference between popularity and reality. Even though stats say that Aussies are very interested in gambling in the online world, still their laws and regulations are very strict, particularly regarding gambling.

Is online gambling allowed in Australia?

 As the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 says, operating an online casino is prohibited in Australia. This refers both to advertising and offering any gambling-related services. However, each rule has its exception, and this one makes the whole thing look more positive. An individual is not restricted from placing bets over the internet, and this includes sports betting and lotteries. That’s why many foreign online casino operators still operate in Australia. Yeah, as you can assume, that’s still against the law, but no serious restrictions were made so far. So, technically, the answer to the question is- yes, Aussies can gamble online!

To make things more complicated, in September 2017, The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill was implemented. It brought a significant change in the online gambling industry. The bill made it possible for exclusively Australian-based casinos to operate only if licensed by the state. The catch is that there’s no such casino, but companies which offer their services via Sportsbook are allowed. Even though this is more than good news for all Australian citizens, there’s still one bad thing about this. Some of the best providers, such as Microgaming and Net Ent are no longer able to offer their fantastic games to Aussies.

Tips on money and gambling in Australia

 As you can see, things are pretty complicated both for gamblers and providers. But each side is doing their best to find compromise and get the best of the situation.

The issue that matters a lot to gamblers is money. Almost every international casino allows deposit and withdrawal in AUD, but not all of them can offer a player to play in that currency. Use only trustable money operating systems both to deposit and withdraw your cash. If one has winnings, no taxes are to be paid, because, in Australia, gambling is a game of luck, not a profession. Therefore, your funds are safe if you carefully choose whom and where will you trust them.

The future destiny of gambling in Australia

 Whatever one may think, the main purpose of these strict laws is to protect gamblers and their rights and privacy. Each country has its own ways to do this. You all know how difficult is to find a reputable casino because huge money is in the game, that’s why the Australian government decided to set things this way. Although at the time being this is still bad for some of the giants in the online gambling industry, such as Microgaming and Net Ent, perhaps things will change. Hopefully, the rules will harmonize through time so that both sides can benefit.

So far, let’s say the most important thing is that online gambling still remains very popular in Australia despite all these restrictions. People can still enjoy playing some of the most thrilling slots and other all-time favorite casino games. As time goes by, rules will be adjusted in a way that players still get the best of the games, and providers get bigger and bigger base of players. So, even though one cannot predict the future of online gambling in Australia, let’s hope that it will be bright!

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