Are There Any Scam Bingo Sites Online?

Are There Any Scam Bingo Sites Online?

Are There Any Scam Bingo Sites Online?

Bingo, among all other casino games, is undoubtedly loads of fun. From the moment you get to shout ‘bingo!’, match three cherries on your favourite slot game, or get shown a pair of aces in online poker at But the last thing that you want from your online casino experience is to enter in your details onto the bingo website and find that the page is unsafe and has taken all your hard earned cash!

We are here to keep you in the know about whether your bingo site is a scam and how to tell if the site is safe, so that you can go back to doing what you do best… matching a whole bingo card!

How can you Tell if a Bingo Site is a Scam or not?

Some online bingo developers are further down the aesthetic process than others, meaning that there are often quite a few very decent casino sites online that may not look the part but are completely licenced and safe. It is therefore harder to spot when a bingo site is a good phony or just a game in development.

We have created a list of ways you can easily tell if a bingo site is a scam or not, so that you can trust your favourite website and get back to making shed loads of freaking cash!

  1. Licensing – Casino sites have to pass a licensing certificate for them to be approved and held accountable for their website and any misdoings that occur on them. This means that all non-scam bingo and gambling sites will have a license that you should be able to find beneath any game or in their Ts&Cs. Simply use your online searching skills to see if the site you are on is credible or not.
  2. Fake Licensing – It should be obvious to spot to any hardened veteran of the bingo site like yourself, but a fake license can often be found to trick you into thinking that you are playing on a credible site, however, as aforementioned, look up the certificate online for validation and you should be good to go!
  3. Payments – Do you recognise the payment method, or do you believe the site is asking for too many odd details? Play it safe and leave immediately. If you do not trust the website then it is not for you.

What to do if you Find a Scam Website

Here are the ultimate dos and don’ts if you come across a website you think you shouldn’t trust:

We hope that you stay safe while playing online bingo and avoid scam websites at all costs. Simply follow the short steps above to know if your site is safe or not, then try your luck on a trusted site at winning that jackpot!

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