Are you ready to climb the ladder in Antegods?

Are you ready to climb the ladder in Antegods?

Codeglue is a Dutch development studio that has set its mind on creating a game with Stonepunk elements. After some brainstorming, Antegods came to life, where elements of Mayan culture and mech structures meet. You’ll be able to customize these mechs and take up arms against other people. Today, they want to search for crowd offerings to improve the game even more. On Fig, they’ve created a page where you can contribute if you want to help with the creation of this game.

Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Stonepunk universe – A novel blend of ancient Mayan culture with science fiction brought to life in-game and in a comic
  • Action-packed 4×4 arena battles – Team up with friends online or split-screen, and wreck your opponents in highly destructible procedurally generated maps.
  • Battle with massive titans – Teams hunt for silk, the energy spread across the map, to activate their dormant ‘titan’ and cooperatively control it to annihilate the enemy team.
  • Modify your stonepunk mech – Customizable mechs to match your unique play style; pick your own body, weapon and jetpack wings.
  • Strategize with your team – Deep tactical gameplay with a focus on team collaboration. Fortify your team’s position on the map and outsmart the enemy team.
  • Competitive online play – Our online matchmaking sets up exciting matches to climb an intergalactic ladder, making Antegods ready for eSports tournaments.

And if that didn’t persuade you, be sure to check the trailer and see some action!

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Are you ready to climb the ladder in Antegods?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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