Remnant II – The Forgotten Kingdom DLC – Review
Follow Genre: ARPG, Shooter
Developer: Gunfire Games
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Platform: PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S

Remnant II – The Forgotten Kingdom DLC – Review

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It’s been almost four months since we took a closer look at Remnant II’s first DLC. The game announced that three DLCs would be released, and we have been eagerly awaiting all of them, as the main game was simply a great TPS. In the meantime, we have played through the game on several occasions, and even now, we still love coming back for more. That being said, we did conclude that the first DLC, The Awakened King was still a blast to play through, albeit somewhat limited in terms of content. We hoped The Forgotten Kingdom would have a bit more meat on its bones, but it seems that all DLCs offer nearly the same experience content-wise. This, of course, still means you’re getting a solid Remnant II experience, albeit a fairly short one.

In this DLC you’ll have to make your way through a new location in Yaesha, which once again looks quite in tune with the original Yaesha campaign. Even so, the environment did offer quite a few new enemies, an interesting overarching storyline, and new items and goodies to find. We completed a single run in roughly two and a half hours with a full party, but rerolling the world in the Adventure mode allowed us to uncover quite a few new things in subsequent runs. Just like we remarked in our review of The Awakened King DLC, we would have perhaps loved a completely new environment for the different DLCs. We did, however, once again get treated to a quality Remnant II experience that allowed us to experiment with new builds, try out new weapons, and so on.

When playing through The Forgotten Kingdom, you’ll have the option to unlock the new Invoker Archetype. We do have to mention that it is well hidden and that you’ll have to follow a few steps to actually acquire the new Archetype. The Invoker is an Archetype that works very well for both single and party play. For the most part, you’ll have interesting AOE skills at your disposal, as well as a few other abilities that reduce skill cooldowns and heal you and your party. The matching heavy armor set also looks impressive and builds further upon the lore of the Yaesha location.


All in all, we were quite content having some more Remnant II content to plow through, but just like The Awakened King DLC, we felt The Forgotten Kingdom was a bit light on content. Nonetheless, by rerolling the world after completing the DLC once, you’ll probably get a few more hours of content out of this one. On top of that, you also have an additional Archetype to mess around with, which is also quite nice. We are looking forward to the third and final DLC, and we hope the wait is slightly shorter this time.

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