Remnant II – The Awakened King DLC – Review
Follow Genre: ARPG, Shooter
Developer: Gunfire Games
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Platform: PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S

Remnant II – The Awakened King DLC – Review

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Back in July, we took a closer look at Remnant II, which proved to be a great sequel to the first game. We enjoyed the co-op action from start to finish, and the game had a lot of replay value thanks to the Adventure Mode. Now, right before the end of the year, we were lucky enough to try out the newest DLC, The Awakened King. In the DLC we return to the world of Losomn to duke it out with the One True King. While we really enjoyed ourselves once again, the DLC might have been a bit light on content.

As stated above, The Awakened King storyline takes place in Losomn, albeit in different areas than the ones we’ve been to in the base game. It’s clear, however, that assets have been reused, as well as enemy models. Even so, the new area is a lot of fun to explore, and you’ll encounter a few new interesting foes and bosses along the way. These bosses will once again provide you with shiny new loot in the form of new weapons or mods. The One True King himself looked impressive in terms of design, but the actual battle fell a bit flat as it was somewhat easy compared to other bosses in the game, even with a less-than-optimal character build.

There isn’t that much new in terms of gameplay, except for a new Archetype, namely the Ritualist. This new class does spice things up a bit, as it revolves around inflicting status effects on your opponents. Skills can inflict a variety of status effects at once, and your other skills will only become stronger the weaker your foes become. This is actually a very fun class, and it’s great when playing online with friends.

While we enjoyed the overall experience, we were done with most of what the DLC offered in roughly three hours. You can prolong this a bit further if you also take leveling the new class into account, but all in all, the overall package is a bit light on content. This is especially true considering you’re also basically playing in a world you have already visited before, albeit a new part of it. It would have perhaps been nice to have a second class present or to add a bit more meat on the bones of this otherwise high-priced DLC.


The Awakened King DLC is a fun bit of extra content for those who were yearning for some additional gritty Remnant II action. We enjoyed exploring the new areas of Losomn while blasting our way through a lot of enemies to eventually battle the multiple bosses the DLC has to offer. Sadly, the final battle felt a bit underwhelming and we would have loved a bit more content for the game’s first DLC several months after the base game was released. Even so, the new class is a very interesting addition to the already varied offering of Archetypes and you’ll still be treated to the same solid gameplay experience as the base game.

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Remnant II - The Awakened King DLC - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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