Ash of Gods: The Way releasing early this year

Ash of Gods: The Way releasing early this year

We first announced that you could try your hand at AurumDust’s newest turn-based RPG Ash of Gods: The Way in December. This time around we come with a new trailer that shows the world expansion in the game. As the battlefield changes each time you go into combat, you will have to adjust to the situation to let your army come out on top.

We also have some information about the story: it all begins in the fantastical world of Terminus, where you must save your own kingdom by infiltrating the enemy’s army. You follow the tale of young Finn who is the talented foster son of the Berkanan secret service master and war veteran Eik. Finn must protect his kingdom of Berkana by traveling to the rival kingdom of Frisia and infiltrating the tournaments that are being held. By participating, Finn will learn the enemy’s tactics and get close to their most skilled commanders to undermine their position in the coming war.

In the trailer, you will also meet some characters that you will encounter in the game and they might influence the story and determine which patch you will take in your story. As the game comes with different endings that are linked to the choices you make and how well you perform during the tournaments.

Ash of Gods: The Way will be released in early 2023 but the exact date is T.B.A.

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