Turn-based RPG Ash of Gods: The Way now available during TurnBasedFest

Turn-based RPG Ash of Gods: The Way now available during TurnBasedFest

Today marks the beginning of the world’s first-ever edition of Steam’s TurnBasedFest, an online festival that celebrates turn-based games. During this event, you can try out the latest demo for Ash of Gods: The Way.  The full version of the game is planned for release early in 2023.

Players will find themselves on an ever-changing battlefield, with shapes and sizes taking form each battle they play. In a story-driven tactical card combat game, it is essential for players to switch up their decks and adapt to new strategies as nothing will remain the same. The stakes are high and challenging, will you make it to the end by making the right choices or will you wade through different endings? Players, who have enjoyed the previous game Ash of Gods: Redemption, will notice a similar art style and various improvements for the new title. The original two-deck gameplay has stayed the same and thanks to the unique scripts and array of locations the gameplay will always feel new and challenging.

This demo will be available from today until December 12th, so don’t miss out on the experience.

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