Awesome Ways You Can Build up Your In-Game Character the Right Way

Awesome Ways You Can Build up Your In-Game Character the Right Way

Building your in-game character is a world of adventure and possibilities. This creative process lets you choose everything about your characters such as their backstory, their personality, and name. Aside from the psychological traits, you will also be able to entirely decide what they will look like. Here are some awesome ways you can build your in-game character the right way.

Give Them a Unique Personality

An awesome way you can build up your character (the right way) is to give them a specific personality type. Psychologists have spent a great deal of time and work over the years to map out the distinct personality types to which people comply. Who says this real-world research can’t be put to good use when you’re building your in-game character too. The Myers-Briggs Type Indication (MBTI) is widely considered pseudoscience, it’s still one of the most famous and intuitively understood personality models.

It has 16 personalities in total, which are divided by 4 largely deciding factors as Extrovert/Introvert, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving. These 16 personalities offer a wide array of templates for building up your in-game character and what sets them aside is that they are quite fun and easy to understand, and therefore implement. If you’re not a fan of MBTI, there are other personality charts such as moral types which incorporate Good and Evil, Lawful and Chaotic presented in a 3×3 grid.

Give Them a Backstory

One of the most important aspects of building your in-game character is giving them a proper back story. This is the most powerful tool as it will inform the character’s actions, and will provide them with motivations. Everything they do will be influenced by their backstory, so you might say that this is a requirement when building a character. As every life experience is very subjective and inherently different from the rest, and even if two people experience the same event, they are going to process it quite differently.

The reason why this happens is that the path of sensory input from birth to the present is unique. This human trait should be implemented into your game character too, as it will make them more realistic and believable, which will make them stand out among the rest. The best news is that you are the one who gets to make up their back story no matter how crazy you want it to be.

A Unique Name

While giving your character a backstory is entirely necessary, it might not let them stand out at the first glance. Yes, the backstory will heavily influence their motivation, actions, and their entire personality, which, if done correctly can be quite eye-catching. However, while all of this is awesome, giving them a unique name can quickly make them stand out among other characters. Furthermore, their name can make their personalities stand out by either being in light with them or being the entire opposite.

Many good writers have invested a great deal of time to come up with the perfect names to best suit their characters, but you might not have this kind of time. This is why many name generators such as dragon name generators for example have been created, to give you a unique and memorable name for your character for just a fraction of a second. Dragon names are especially fun because they can be assigned by the dragon’s color, and they all have deep mythological meanings.

Visual Details

Once you’ve completed the psychological part of your character building such as giving them a backstory, a unique personality, and a name, it might be time to start building the visual aspects with all the tiny details. It’s always good advice to build your character’s psychological traits and a name and derive what they look like from that. You can use the aforementioned personality archetypes to help you determine a starting point for your character’s looks.

Now, this can be somewhat complicated if you’re not creating a human character, though human personalities can be implemented into all of the mythical creatures as a template. If you’re creating characters such as dragons, or any other creature, make sure you have the templates as to what makes up their physique. Unique visual details can also add to the overall quality and uniqueness of your character.

Building your game character the right way means you give them unique and believable psychological and physical traits. Above all, it’s important to give them a unique name to make them even more memorable. If you’re bad at this, there are numerous name generators for all sorts of characters that can help you out in no time.

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