Baby Boomer Bingo – Board Game Review
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Players: 3-6
Age: 16+
Duration: +- 30 minutes
Distributor: DGTL Detox

Baby Boomer Bingo – Board Game Review

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Good: Fun spin on the traditional Cards Against Humanity mechanics
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Slightly over a week ago, we reviewed the very fun Dutch version of What do you Meme? and we found that the game is still very relevant even though the original English release was released roughly five years ago. Now, a week later, we get another DGTL Detox game, Baby Boomer Bingo, which also builds further upon the solid foundation built by Cards Against Humanity. While we can always appreciate a nice Bingo experience, we were very intrigued by the game’s subject matter: Baby Boomer quotes and Millenial replies.


  • 100 Boomer quotes
  • 400 Millenial replies
  • 6 bingo cards
  • 100 tokens
  • Rules

The contents of the box are quite simple, but they do their job. The Boomer cards have a clear picture on them, and everything is very clear. The cards feel a bit flimsy, but they should survive for a fairly reasonable period of time. The tokens are standard cardboard tokens, and they also suffice for the task at hand.


Baby Boomer Bingo is a mix of a traditional Cards Against Humanity experience and classic Bingo. The goal of the game is to score points to place a token on a Boomer picture on your Bingo card, if it corresponds with the color of the Millenial card that was chosen during the round. If the winning player cannot place down a token, they win the Boomer card, and when they have saved up three of these, they can be traded in for a token, which you can place at random on your Bingo card. This ensures the game does not get stuck. The first player to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line filled with tokens will be the winner.

The game is actually just as simple as it sounds in the above paragraph. One person gets assigned as the judge for the round, a Boomer card is uncovered, players play their Millenial replies and hand them face down to the judge. The judge will shuffle the cards and then pick the one they like the most. When a winning card is defined, all players can put a token on their bingo card in the column that matches both the color of the winning Millenial card as well as the Boomer picture currently on display. If the winning player cannot place a token, they receive the boomer card instead, as described above. The judge-duty will then be given to the player on the left, and so forth. This format basically continues until a winner is declared.

Truth be told, if you don’t like the bingo mechanics of the game, you can ditch the Bingo cards, and just play a Boomer-oriented version of Cards Against Humanity. You follow the same rules where a random judge chooses the best Millenial reply, and the winner then gets awarded points. You can agree on a fixed number of points, or just until you run out of a specific number of cards. You can basically look at this package as a two-games-in-one kind of deal.

Luck or Strategy?

The usage of colors, or still having the option to earn tokens by saving up cards you’ve won, adds a small strategic component to the equation. While for the most part the game is still heavily bound to luck of the draw, as well as the personal preference of the judge(s), it does add a bit more depth to the otherwise complete randomness of it all. We did like the fact we could think about possible strategies, even if they often ended up failing.


Baby Boomer Bingo is an interesting twist on the Cards Against Humanity formula we’ve all come to know and love. The game spices things up with the Bingo element, which actually adds a small strategic touch to the game. While this strategic component will only be a minor influence on the flow of a play session, it does give you the feeling of having a bit more control over the game. That being said, we very much loved the quotes, the concept, and once again, the fact that you’re playing in a matter of minutes.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Baby Boomer Bingo - Board Game Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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