What do you Meme? (Dutch version) – Card Game Review
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Players: 2+
Age: 18+
Duration: +- 30-90 minutes
Distributor: DGTL Detox

What do you Meme? (Dutch version) – Card Game Review

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Cards Against Humanity put simplistic and over-the-top card games back on the map. The game got known because of its no-limits approach, making offensive quotes its shtick. After the base game was released in a physical format, expansions were printed, some even revolving around video game content. Of course, as is always the case when something gets popular, you’ll soon find clones flooding the market, trying to emulate the same experience. We are never truly a fan of direct copies, but we love it when creators take a tried-and-true formula and turn it into something original. This was the case for Game of HAM, which threw board game mechanics in the mix, but also What do you Meme? became quite popular in the card game business. The English version was released back in 2016, and now, this game has been localized for the Belgian and Dutch markets with a Dutch version. Is the game still relevant after all these years?


  • 360 text cards
  • 75 picture (meme) cards
  • 1 easel
  • Rules

The contents of the box are quite simple, but that is actually more than enough. The cards clearly depict their lines of text and the special ‘HOT’ cards also have a clear mark on them. The meme cards are of a good size and are also very clear. Perhaps the cards could have been a bit thicker, as they do feel a bit flimsy. The tiny easel to put the meme cards on is also a very nice touch, and is actually quite convenient. Everything is kept basic and clear, and that’s what we like for a game such as this.


What do you Meme? is actually a game that requires little to no explanation. The goal of the game is to link a text card with a meme card, (hopefully) creating a funny caption for the unveiled meme card. An appointed judge (who changes every turn) then picks his favorite from the different text cards presented. It’s important that the judge does not know who provides which card, making sure fair play is respected at all times. Truth be told, that’s actually already it. You can decide how many turns you play, or how many points have to be scored, as the game’s length differs a lot depending on how big the group playing the game is. This is a game where you’ll be playing in a matter of minutes.

In all honesty, the rulebook is only a suggestion as to how the game is best played. You can add your own specific twists and turns along the way, spicing things up (with the sexually toned HOT cards), or even toning them down. You could appoint fixed judges, or you could even opt for other scoring systems. It’s basically all up to you and your friends as to what you like best for this game. We did very much like that this is one of the few games in this genre that explicitly states that the judge cannot see who gives what card, making sure the judge cannot pick favorites, allowing specific players to win.

As far as translations go; they are quite okay. The Dutch variant plays just as nicely as the English version, and thanks to the translations, a bigger (local) audience may be reached. Sure, some things may sound a bit cheesier in Dutch, but other than that, this is a properly handled localized version.

Luck or Strategy?

What do you Meme? involves absolutely no strategic component. The game is all about the personal preference of the judge who is appointed, but also luck of the draw. There is nothing more to it. The game is all about having somewhat over-the-top combinations and good old-fashioned fun without too many limits or pressure. If played in the presence of your parents (even though the game is 18+), they might just chase you with a bar of soap to wash your mouth out after hearing a few of the game’s possible lines of text.


This fun spin on Cards Against Humanity rightfully deserves a seat at the (adult) party games table. Even though these games may eventually become repetitive due to the limited lines on the cards, they are certainly quite fun to have a lot of evenings of fun with. The overall concept is still great after five years, and the translated cards are also quite fun for those who prefer to play this one in their native tongue. We can see ourselves playing What The Meme? on many future occasions. We do have to say that this game is best enjoyed by more than four people, rather than the suggested minimum of three people.

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What do you Meme? (Dutch version) - Card Game Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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