Geen Ja, Geen Nee – Board Game Review
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Players: 2+
Age: 18+
Duration: +- 20 minutes
Distributor: DGTL Detox

Geen Ja, Geen Nee – Board Game Review

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Good: The bell in the package, Some questions were entertaining
Bad: Light on content, Juvenile questions for an 18+ game
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We have recently been showered by the new board and card game releases by DGTL Detox. We have reviewed the Dutch versions of What do you Meme? and Baby Boomer Bingo. We found both games to be very entertaining spin-offs of the well-known Cards Against Humanity card game. In the first one, we enjoyed the visual aid of memes, while the second one’s Bingo mechanics added a strategic touch to the game. Now, we ditch the Cards Against Humanity-inspired vibes and play an adult version of the Yes! No! Game. We were prepared to be entertained thanks to the high standards set by the aforementioned releases, only to end up very underwhelmed and disappointed.


  • 90 question cards
  • Bell
  • Rules

The contents of the box are very simple. The cards are so tiny it’s actually quite ridiculous. It feels as if the cards were scraps from cardboard and paper used for other games, which were then recycled to become part of this game. We did like the ‘desk bell’ that is included in the package. The latter looks clean and fancy, and it feels that your money is spent on purchasing the snazzy-looking bell and that the cards were just an afterthought.


Geen Ja, Geen Nee Uncensored (Yes! No! Game Uncensored) is actually a very basic and easy game to play. You’ll be playing with two or more people, and one person will always try to answer a series of questions without using the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you can complete a sequence without slipping up, you’ll win a card, and the player with the most cards at the end of a session is the winner. The game comes with a bell that players can use when they catch the player who is answering questions, when doing something they are not supposed to. You can add rules and conditions as you please.

On paper, this sounds quite fun. Sadly, the questions that come with this edition are so juvenile and poorly devised that you have to double-check the 18+ label on the box. A lot of the questions revolve around sex, which is perfectly fine, but they feel like they were made up by someone who probably never had sex before. The questions that did not revolve around sex were actually a lot better, funnier, and sometimes even a lot more adult in nature. We don’t mind a few pervy questions thrown in the mix, but if you have around half of your entire game revolving around the same thing, actually asking the same questions, you’re truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Luck or Strategy?

This game does not really have that many strategic components. If you’re witty and have a silver tongue, you’ll probably do fine for the most part. You can always think of some general replies beforehand in case you find yourself in a pickle. Other than that, it’s basic fun, and it does work from time to time, depending on who you play the game with. You can add or remove rules as you see fit, thus perhaps even adding strategic aspects.


While this adult version of the classic Yes! No! Game is still moderately entertaining thanks to its uncensored concept, we were mainly underwhelmed with the complexity and originality of the questions. Even though the game states it is for adults only (18+), it felt as if the questions were made up by horny 12-year-olds who were left unsupervised with a few trays of Red Bull. Some of the questions proved to be interesting and entertaining, and we reckon you can also find questions online, or just make up your own. Out of all three DGTL Detox releases we discussed, this one is rather disappointing. If opting for an adult-themed game, we recommend looking into What do you Meme? or Baby Boomer Bingo instead.

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Geen Ja, Geen Nee - Board Game Review, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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