What do you Meme? – Fresh Memes Expansion Pack 1 (Dutch version) – Card Game Review
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Players: 2+
Age: 18+
Duration: +- 30-90 minutes
Distributor: DGTL Detox

What do you Meme? – Fresh Memes Expansion Pack 1 (Dutch version) – Card Game Review

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Back in 2021, we reviewed the very popular card game What do you Meme?, which had just received a localized Dutch version for Belgium and The Netherlands. As the original English version also has several expansion packs, it was only a matter of time before these would also be translated to Dutch, making sure that Dutch-speaking players could also add new memes and quotes to their base game. Now, we were lucky enough to receive a review copy of the first Fresh Memes expansion pack, and we quite enjoyed playing a few more rounds of What do you Meme? with these new cards. As this is only a small expansion for the base game with no new mechanics thrown into the mix, we suggest reading our original review first. You can do so by clicking here

This small expansion will add 25 picture (meme) cards and 90 text cards to the original game, and we can easily state that these new memes and quotes go hand in hand with the base set. The new package comes with a clean and sturdy box that allows you to easily store the aforementioned quantities of cards. The small package includes some very famous memes, but also a few more obscure ones. Those obscure ones make it harder to pair them with a lot of text cards, but this also adds to the fun of having very random quotes on the table when playing with a bigger group of players. Other than that, there is not that much more to state here. Some of the quotes might be a bit edgy and NSFW, but that’s to be expected from a game that directs itself towards a more adult audience.


The first Fresh Memes Expansion Pack is a welcome addition to the original game, and it adds quite a few new combinations. We thoroughly enjoyed some of the more random memes that were included in the package, as these often resulted in even funnier answers. The only remark we could give is that the expansion feels a bit expensive for the fairly low number of cards you’re getting here. That being said, you don’t really need the base game to enjoy this one, as you can easily play it the same way you’d play the original game, albeit with fewer cards.


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What do you Meme? - Fresh Memes Expansion Pack 1 (Dutch version) – Card Game Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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