Baldur’s Gate 3’s patch five will be coming out on July 13th

Baldur’s Gate 3’s patch five will be coming out on July 13th

During the recent Panel From Hell live show, Larian Studios unveiled some major updates and improvements coming in Patch 5 for Baldur’s Gate 3. This patch will expand on the breadth and depth of the game, with new game-changing mechanics, combat and AI improvements, visual upgrades and much more.

Some of the patch’s highlights include the new active roll system, background goals and camp supplies. With the active roll system players will be able to apply bonuses to their rolls, as well as see any modifiers applied directly in the UI. Background goals will provide bonuses to those players who act accordingly with their background in order to encourage role-playing. And finally, camp supplies are a new feature that will force players to think more strategically before taking long rests.

More information will be revealed in the next Panel From Hell, with the full patch notes soon to be released alongside the update.

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