Battlerite – Review
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Developer: Stunlock Studios
Publisher: Stunlock Studios
Platform: PC,
Tested on: PC

Battlerite – Review

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In this day and age there are two popular free games that take the masses by storm, most of you all will have heard of or probably played ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Heroes of the Storm’. Now where something is popular there is always someone that wants to ride the hype-train or make their own different version of this concept. And this is how Battlerite was born, as a free to play arena game that has the same core as the other two games mentioned above. It handles its gameplay in a somewhat more unique fashion while making the game faster paced with cutting some time-consuming events in the battles.



While most of these games start without a real story, when the title draws in more and more fans the developers decide to create a storyline surrounding the characters. Now with Battlerite there is no real story, but each character does come with a little introduction about their backgrounds. The only thing that comes close to something story-related is the battle between two camps to see who is the strongest or most royal to their guardian. This does not affect gameplay in any way since this title is for quick pick up and play sessions and why would you need a story anyways, this would only take up precious gaming time.


A re-occurring fact that we noticed is that most of these arena games are actually one of the most graphical composed titles out there. While coming from an Indie background Stunlock Studios already had good reviews with their previous title Bloodline Champions. When comparing these two titles and around six years in between the visuals have always been a strong suit of this developer.

Battlerite boasts very smooth graphics and astonishing special effects that make battles look so good and impressive. Character designs are some of the freshest far-sought ideas and it is clear that the team did take some ideas from left to right but worked out in a really cool way. Arenas are small but the many versions make for unique battles nonetheless.

battlerite gp 2


This title is set in a fantasy backdrop so to make this sound perfect, the team behind the soundtrack has decided to use more tribal and medieval time’s music. This creates the best ambiance in the naturally filled arenas. To make it all even better the female announcer has a beautiful voice that tells the current situation on the battlefield. But a great game wouldn’t be good if it doesn’t feel right, so therefore it is so great that the sound effects bring that huge power to the actions of the heroes. Also each character comes fully voiced like any big budget title, and the voices fit the characters very well.


Battlerite is an arena combat game that is free-to-play but offers microtransactions to unlock more items. As a game that took some concepts from ‘League of Legends’ & ‘Heroes of the Storms’ it gave their own twist to it. You can compare these titles to ‘Arma’ and ‘Counter Strike’. The one takes some time to build up and the other is just instantly action. The game is divided into two gameplay modes, the first being Arena mode and the other Battleground mode. Arena is a versus mode in where you can go head-to-head in teams with up to three people to brawl it out to see who is the ultimate fighter. What makes these rounds end so fast is the absence to freely heal in the base, there is no respawning and after some time has passed it will trigger the sudden death timer that brings the circle of death like in Player Unknown Battleground to restrain players from endless hiding. The game controls really well and the hotkeys for the abilities are placed neatly on the keyboard so you have full control over each action and are able to nicely string them together.

battlerite gp 1

Battleground mode is a more tactical placed event that is timed again to ensure matches to not take forever. Each team has a guardian that they need to defend and while doing missions the team that completes these will be able to take shots at the base of the opponent. The ultimate goal is to take it out (in the last round both guardians are attackable) and win the match.

If these little tweaks might turn you down a bit, there is no need to worry, the core has also been adjusted to match the fast games. First of all there is no leveling or mana to be used, this means that all the skills are unlocked from the start and only the more powerful ones require some attacking to become energized and ready to use. Each loadout can be customized with different abilities like you could choose the skills while leveling in Heroes of the Storm but instead you are restricted to the one loadout you select in the beginning. Battlerite also has a wide range of characters to choose from in three different categories: melee, range and support. Each character has numerous customization options with various costumes, weapons and poses.


For a free game that enters the realm of online arena titles there are many good and fun points about it that make it a worthy opponent to the big leaguers. With many champions to choose from in three different categories and a large amount of customization options and quick matches that don’t take up your whole evening, this title is best advised to friends for best results.

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