BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION console launch is Tomorrow!

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION console launch is Tomorrow!

You are flung into a futuristic, alternate-reality South Africa dominated by advanced alien technology that’s both revered and reviled. Humanity as you know it has been reshaped, and technology and sentient life have become totally blurred. Religious zealot mechs run rife and humans are willingly stripped of their flesh for immortality. Check out the trailer below!

Starting on Friday the game will go live on the eShop and PS Store at the following times:

  • Nintendo eShop US: 9:00 am PDT / 12:00pm EDT
  • Nintendo eShop EU: 3:00 pm CET / 2:00 pm BST
  • PlayStation Store: Midnight roll out in each country/time zone.

Also included as a free digital download is 80+ pages of high-resolution art and all 18 tracks of the official soundtrack

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