Bebop Puzzle Beat launches on 10th December!

Bebop Puzzle Beat launches on 10th December!

Jazz, black cats and puzzles…sounds like an interesting combination, no? Plastic Dreams thought so too when they created Bebop Puzzle Beat– a game inspired by the sweet, sweet jazz of the 1940s. Your task is to help the band (comprising of Bosco, Miles, Hot and Jelly) with their mission to rescue the band’s lead singer Mila, who seems to have received the Rapunzel treatment- and is now stuck in a tower after being kidnapped by an evil shape-shifting wizard.

Brightly coloured, spinning boards and the need for fast hands to beat 6 unique bosses make Bebop Puzzle Beat a challenge and a half, but you have to try hard- or Mila won’t be found in time for the band to perform at the Puzzle Cafe!

Key features include:

  • Original soundtrack with catchy jazz tunes
  • Action-orientated puzzle gameplay and bright graphics
  • 120 levels spanning 6 different worlds
  • 10 game modes to test your wit
  • More than 12 different tiles with special game-changing abilities

Bebop Puzzle Beat will be available on the iOS App Store from the 10th of December.

Interested? Then check out the trailer below:


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Bebop Puzzle Beat launches on 10th December!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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