Best Time to Play Slots

Best Time to Play Slots

If you’re into playing online slots, the buzz and the excitement of spinning the reels is hard to recreate elsewhere – check out Bezy. What’s more, with the convenience of being able to play slots on your mobile device anywhere and at any time of the day or night, it seems as though the best time to play slots is whenever you feel like it!

However, apart from the freedom to be able to play at 8am on a Monday morning, is there genuinely a “best time” to play slots online?

Take note of the peaks and troughs of attendances

Online casinos’ attendance peaks are usually during 8pm and 2am. With the success of online slots, that’s not even restricted to Fridays and Saturdays anymore. If anything, online slots have made spinning the reels extremely accessible, and people are playing throughout the week.

Although lots changed when slots went up online, you can still test the online slots in free “demo mode” to understand in what phase the slots cycle is in, and to choose the best time to play online slots.

Some people will choose when there are more people involved on a site, and others will prefer playing when there are fewer people using it.

Gauging when the progressive jackpot will give out

Online slots players are always dreaming about hitting a jackpot just once in their lives. Therefore, when considering the best time to play online slots, you should look for the time when the jackpots are high.

Logic says that this is when the jackpot hasn’t been won for a long time. Gambling is a funny old game when you consider it. In theory, every single spin has exactly the same chance of hitting a jackpot as any other. This is all down to the computer chip RNG (Random Number Generator).

If the odds of a jackpot spin are a million to one, that shouldn’t change regardless of whether you spin the reels on a Tuesday at 7.30 in the morning, or Saturday evening at 11pm. The odds will always be a million to one.

However, as with so much in life, there’s a paradox to it. With progressive jackpots, the longer they’re not won by anybody, the better the chances of someone winning it. Technically, if a progressive jackpot hasn’t been won in a long time, and the amount to be won has got bigger and bigger, you’re ever closer to being the lucky one who’s going to win it, even though maths still dictates that the odds for each spin is one in a million.

This is where mathematical stubbornness starts fighting against the romance of Time. Both are right at the same time. So, if you see progressive slot machine that hasn’t been won for weeks and weeks, spend some time testing your luck with it. Although you only have one in a million chance of scooping the jackpot, old Father Time’s on your side. It could prove to be worth your while.

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