Bets that you should avoid when playing on a casino

Bets that you should avoid when playing on a casino

The human love for gambling has been well documented over the last 100 or so years especially, however in actuality human civilization on Earth has been gambling for several thousands of years. Oh yes, that’s right, gambling historians point to discoveries made by archaeologists that suggest rudimentary playing card games were in circulation thousands of years before the birth of Christ – can you believe it?! 

Whilst this is true, the development of actual legitimate casino establishments took far longer to happen, with the world’s first genuine casino only being established in the 1600s courtesy of the Venetians. Since then casinos have just got more and more popular, culminating in the world we live in today where casinos are quite literally everywhere due to the emergence of King Casino games. Keep reading for some bets that you should avoid when playing in a casino. 

Blackjack insurance bet 

Most complete blackjack beginners won’t even know that the insurance bet is a thing, and that is actually one of the main reasons why they end up using it every time they can after they have learnt of its existence. You see, the premise of the insurance bet seems quite exciting, as on the face of it the tactic safeguards yourself from the dealer getting a blackjack. 

Whilst this is never exactly a bad thing, what many people don’t realise is that the probability of the dealer getting blackjack with one ace card is smaller than the probability of them not getting blackjack. So in most cases an insurance bet is just wasted money, as it is protecting against something that isn’t actually that likely to happen. 

Any bet on American roulette 

Roulette beginners may not know this, but there are actually two main types of roulette in general circulation today – American roulette and European roulette. Gamblers are always advised to never play on the former type of roulette if they can get around it, and that isn’t just because of some weird hatred towards the yanks, in reality it is because the house edge is twice as large on American roulette than it is on European roulette. 

The reason why stems from a hilariously small difference, however it really is enough to pretty much half your odds of winning. Basically, the American roulette wheel has one extra zero value compared to the European roulette wheel, and this is what increases the house edge by so much. 

Weak RTP slot machines 

Most slot experts will know exactly what RTP means and stands for, however beginners might not be so clued up. Basically RTP is shorthand for Return To Player, and it is a piece of information that indicates the average amount a gambler can expect to see back from his stake during a gambling session. 

As you would therefore expect this is a great way of choosing what slot game to play, and it is always advised to avoid games with an RTP of less than 96% in most cases.

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