Beyond a Steel Sky coming to console

Beyond a Steel Sky coming to console

Studio Revolution Software and publisher Microids have unveiled the release date for Beyond a Steel Sky alongside a Dev Diary exploring the game’s lore. The game will launch on November 30th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In this new Dev Diary, Charles Cecil, CEO and Game Director at Revolution Software, goes in-depth on the game’s lore. As the spiritual successor to Beneath a Steel Sky, the studio’s focus was on making Beyond a Steel Sky consistent with the original game while remaining appealing to newcomers.  “The way that we do this is that we make sure that all the core elements, all the vital lore, is brought through as part of the gameplay so that players experience it as they’re solving puzzles, as they’re driving the narrative forward,” says Charles Cecil.

In Beneath a Steel Sky, players will control Robert Foster, left alone with his AI companion Joey, after the obliteration of his home village. They pair will find themselves in Union City, where they’ll work to free the oppressed citizens from the dictatorial LINC.

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