Biped – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle adventure
Developer: NEXT Studios
Publisher: NEXT Studios
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Biped – Review

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Good: Puzzle mechanics change each level, Simple controls
Bad: Only a handful of levels
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Solving puzzles by yourself can already be considered a challenge, but drawing in a friend for some co-op fun really ups the ante. Communication is key if you want to work together successfully and Biped is here to put that cooperation to the test. This isn’t NEXT Studios’ first time bringing us a game full of intuitive environmental puzzling, but this is the first time you get do drag a friend along for the ride, for better or for worse.


An opening cutscene sets up the little story this game has. Earth has a nifty collection of beacons, which are needed for intergalactic space travel to work. You are one such space traveler, part of a crew of adorable little robots on a spaceship. Disaster strikes when the beacons fail to work and it is up to your team of two to beam down to Earth and restore the beacon’s functionality. Doing this will test all your abilities, as the beacons are not easy to access and you will have to travel through different terrains and solve puzzles to even reach them, though you will be sure to meet other adorable robot friends who can help you along the way. The story isn’t really necessary as the plot isn’t the focus of the game, but it does give the puzzles a sense of purpose.


The graphics in Biped are less stylized than what we’re used to from this studio, but that’s far from a complaint. This game has a slightly more realistic look to it, though you can still notice some cartoony influences. The character designs of the robots are downright adorable and it’s hard not to get attached to them. The environments look colorful and appealing and each level has its own distinct look and climate. Colors play an important role in this game, as the two robots have their own individual colors (pink and blue) which can be important for game mechanics.


Biped has a nice soundtrack, each level has a few fitting themes that tie into the different climates mentioned above. While it can take a while to get through a level (depending on how good you are at the puzzle-solving of course) there wasn’t really an issue of the music becoming irritating by repeating a lot, helped by the fact that there were multiple songs per level. While there is no voice acting in the game, the robots do emit a series of beeps and boops and other mechanic sound effects that grant them some character. Especially their annoyed little sounds when bumping into things are pretty funny.


Biped is a puzzle adventure that will take you all across the Earth and its different terrains. Each level starts with you and your friend being dropped onto a location and has you travel onward to reach a beacon you need to activate at the end. While the controls are extremely simple, only using the mouse to move your robot character around, matters won’t be as straightforward as just walking to the end of the level. On your way, you will encounter a myriad of puzzles and obstacles which you will need to work together to overcome.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the different mechanics you come across on your journey. While some basic things will always remain, such as pulling levers or stepping on buttons, each environment you come across will also have gameplay unique to this level. You might find yourself tight together with your partner, for example, meaning your movement is severely restricted. The puzzles also change to stay fresh. From surfaces that tilt dangerously when you step on them to platforms that will only allow one player to move at a time, a returning theme is communication. If you and your partner don’t work together, the puzzles become impossible. And this is more important than you think, as the level is full of ‘challenges’; i.e. parts where you are actually timed on how fast you can get through as well as how in-synch you work together.

Many other collectibles litter the level, mostly coins, and the occasional golden star. Finding them all is completely optional but can be a lot of fun and extends the game’s playtime, as there actually aren’t as many levels as you might think at first glance. Not to despair though, each level has two variants unlocked after completion, so you can replay them with the added difficulty. There is also a time limit to beat if you want to, meaning that if you want to go for 100% completion on all levels you can still keep busy for a while at least. And if all else fails, you can always give the solo mode a try.


Despite its short runtime, Biped offers a lot of different types of content to enjoy. With extremely fun gameplay, simple controls and puzzle mechanics that keep changing around, anybody can enjoy this little treasure. And if all else fails, you can always amuse yourself and annoy your friends by knocking them off platforms and into their untimely (but super cute sounding) robot death.

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Biped - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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