Black Desert Online Celebrates With A Free Halloween DLC!


Pearl Abyss announced more information about this year’s Black Desert Halloween event which will start October 14th on PC and October 15th on console and will last up until the scheduled maintenance on the 10th of November. This year Black Desert’s development team opted for a distinct Steampunk visual style and has prepared many tricks and treats that will both frighten and rejoice adventurers around the world.

The Special Haloween Spooky Playground is filled with minigames and events that will grant players items and rewards for those who can complete the challenges:

  • This year, a new array of Halloween-themed activities will be available including a Red Light, Green Light minigame, where adventurers need to play a thrilling version of the popular children’s game.
  • Near NPC Marcellin two robot-esque creatures named MOD Oog Mk IV and Mk V are fighting and adventurers can try to predict the winner and earn rewards.
  • Marni has quests leading adventurers to his hidden gifts and event dice, the latter of which can be used in a special Halloween-themed “Ancient Black Spirit Adventure” board game that can be played from Black Desert’s menu which can grant players even more rewards.
  • Adventurers can explore Marni’s Spooky Playground and be rewarded with a Wizard Gosphy pet!
  • Halloween brings new attendance rewards that will help adventurers on their spooky adventures. The rewards include 100 Cron Stones, Halloween Cosplay Box, and Marni’s Fuel Box.
  • House of Horrors containing a chilling quest where adventurers will need to find the teddy bear of a weeping child. In their search, they will encounter ghosts and traverse other obstacles hidden in the darkness. Adventurers will need to pilot a Mischievous Jack to be able to interact with chests that contain the teddy bear. Completing the quest will reward players with special dice which are used for the mini-game Ancient Black Spirit Adventure.
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