Booq Boa Nerve, Graphite – Accessory Review
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Booq Boa Nerve, Graphite – Accessory Review

Good: Loads of storage room, Fancy design
Bad: Gets heavy after some time
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Recently Booq provided us with the Mamba Daypack, which once again reminded us that it is important to provide decent protection for your hardware, as well as own a comfortable accessory to do so. The Mamba Daypack proved to be a great backpack with a decent amount of user comfort. Of course, we know that not everyone is a fan of a traditional backpack and thus thanks to Booq we can now present you with our opinion about the Booq ‘’Boa Nerve, Graphite’’, which is a shoulder bag that might prove to be unique in a lot of ways.

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Going off on the appearance of the bag, we are presented with a fairly large, but extremely good looking shoulder bag. The design is fairly classy but tends to throw some elements of a traditional messenger bag in the mix.
Overall the bag does not have that much extra clutter, which gives the Boa Nerve a fairly tight lining. With this in mind, the main lid which closes the bag has a small fluorescent lining around it but it still remains true to the classy design.


‘Zipper mania’, is also a thing you have to keep in mind when you’re working with the Boa Nerve. This is of course not a bad thing, seeing it means the bag has a lot of extra pockets for you to store your stuff in.

  • The first storage compartment you come across is the small pocket on the front of the closing lid, which can be closed with a zipper. It’s a fairly small compartment, which is useful to store some smaller items, such as your cell phone or a few small trinkets.
  • When opening the bag itself you will find a slightly bigger pocket on the bag itself, which in its turn has two really small pockets (All three are zipper closed). The biggest out of three can be used to either store a tablet inside and it also has several smaller pockets for you to store pens a calculator and so on.
  • The main storage area of the bag is divided in to two sections, namely one to store bigger items, such as your paperwork, your lunch, your cables and so on. This compartment also has four smaller pockets, again to store items such as a tablet, a handheld and some smaller items. The second section of the main storage area is scratch free environment for you to safely store your 15” laptop or MacBook. This compartment has a small strap for you to secure your hardware, but it will not be long enough if you insert a laptop with a slightly ticker shape.
  • On the side you will find 2 pockets, which are meant to fit water bottles or a thermos. A fun extra gimmick, which will prevent you from having to put your water bottles on the inside and thus in turn keeping fluids away from your hardware.
  • Last but not least, the backside has two more zippers which are as wide as the bag itself. There is on at the top and one at the bottom of the bag. When opening one, you can create an extra big pocket for you to insert some paper work or other flat items (other items are possible too, but they won’t feel al that comfortable against your back.). When you decide to live on the edge and open both zippers, you can use the opening to slide the bag over a trolley handle.


The main compartment of the bag is closed off by using two buckles, Velcro strips on the inside and the fact that the side kind of fold inwards, which closes the bag of quite tightly.

It is easy to say that this shoulder bag holds a lot more room than most traditional backpacks or shoulder bags. This creates a great multi-purpose bag for you to use when either going to school, work or a LAN-party.

Booq’s bag is of course not all about the storage room and its looks, it’s also about protection. The bag itself has a decent amount of padding in the compartment for your laptop/MacBook and thus ensuring its safety. The Boa Nerve, graphite’s material itself is quite thick, thus it holds its shape very well when pressure is applied to it.

The Boa Nerve, Graphite isn’t your everyday shoulder bag, seeing the shoulder strap is actually made to enclose the bag fairly tight to your body. This is done by an adjustable strap with a magnetic buckle. Even though it’s an original concept, and it does work when you get the hang of it, it might prove quite hard to get used to at the beginning. Also it’s easy to say that this way of closing your strap will be something that frustrates people, whilst other may easily love the ease of a simple click to buckle up or release. When you’re buckled in, you also have a smaller strap, which can be connected to the bigger strap, for you to stabilize your bag and thus provide more comfort. When you’re good to go, you’ll notice you’ll have a shoulder bag that actually hangs tight against your back in a crooked fashion, this is where the foldable sides and the Velcro closure comes in handy.

When working with the magnetic buckle try to make sure that the strap and the backpack itself connect with your body in a tight fashion. Most of the time, if the magnet comes loose when trying to close the buckle, or right after you closed it, the problem tends to be the fact that the shoulder bag isn’t on tight enough. You will also feel the difference in using the extra support strap. Namely if your bag hangs too loose, the support strap will not provide extra support.


Whilst most of the potential buyers will be drawn in by the appearance of the Boa Nerve, Graphite, they will surely be surprised at how spacious this bag ends up to be. You’ll have loads of compartments to store your much needed gadgets as well as your paperwork, goodies and so on. Comfort wise, when you get the hang of how the buckle works, the bag proves to be a great accessory. Even with its current price tag, the bag might be that great asset for you to get your hardware safely from point A to point B, in style.

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Booq Boa Nerve, Graphite - Accessory Review, 7.4 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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