Booq Taipan Superslim – Accessory Review
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Booq Taipan Superslim – Accessory Review

Good: Slim, Modern brief, Affordable
Bad: No room for cables, Normal laptops won't fit (properly)
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We have already discussed Booq’s Mamba Daypack as well as the Boa Nerve, Graphite, which were both great accessories to store and protect your laptop or MacBook. Now we have the chance to present you their little brother, the Taipan Superslim which comes in a 13” and 15” variation and it is designed to store your Macbook Pro Retina.

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Note: The 13’’ model will be available shortly after this review.

At first sight the Taipan Superslim has the shape of a fairly common brief, just a lot thinner. This has to do with the fact that Booq was aiming for a brief that would be new and original. In a way they did succeed, seeing the brief is more a thicker sleeve for the MacBook, but with the practicalities of a brief (or even shoulder bag).
The exterior has been kept quite simple and smooth and the nylon that it was made with is lightly reflective which makes it look a tad more modern than more conventional options on the market. Again this makes another Booq bag an option for either businessmen as well as casual commuters.

Even though the pack is ‘superslim’ it still offers a lot of inside padding to a great protective environment for your MacBook (or even a tablet if you don’t own a decent sleeve or case for it.)


Seeing it’s a thin brief, the bag itself does not hold that much room. Nonetheless it has:

  • A scratch-free compartment for your MacBook Pro Retina (a normal laptop might fit but you’ll not be able to close the bag anymore;
  • A back pocket, almost the size of the bag – which is great for paperwork and other slightly bigger (but flat) items;
  • A zipper pocket on the front of the bag, which is nearly half the size of the bag;
  • A pocket on the front which is the same size as the one on the back, which has two smaller pockets of its own. These are used to store a tablet and a smartphone and/or handheld. The small pocket also has a small wipe attached to it for you to keep your smartphone or handhelds screen clean with. (Or you can use it for a little extra protection.)

These pockets will suffice for your everyday needs, but it will be harder to use this bag on its own when going to work or school to get everything inside. It’s easy to fit in your MacBook and the necessary paperwork and certain smaller items. For bigger items such as your lunch, some extra cables and so on it would be wiser to combine the Taipan Superslim with a regular everyday backpack. Of course this does not mean the Taipan superslim has no tricks up its sleeve (bag?) anymore.
The brief has a zipper that goes from one side, all the way through the bottom on to the other side of the bag. When opening it, you’ll be able to expand the bag and thus make it slightly ticker. By doing so, the main compartment will get bigger as well, and thus you’ll be able to story some slightly thicker stuff or simply more paperwork. When opened up you might be able to squeeze in a fairly thing laptop, but it’s possible you won’t be able to close the bag entirely.

Supplied with the bag comes a removable strap, which kind of makes it a very slim shoulder bag. This is a nifty addition to an already fun accessory. Adding the shoulder strap just increases the overall product comfort.


The Taipan Superslim is a great accessory for those who wish the protect their MacBook Pro Retina and also happen to travel light most of the time. Of course combining the brief with a backpack works great as well, if you wish to spread the ‘load’. Nonetheless, the Taipan Superslim is a great product, but it seems only MacBook users will be able to draw out its full potential.

Note: For all specs, click here.

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Rating: 6.5/10 (15 votes cast)
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Booq Taipan Superslim - Accessory Review, 6.5 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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