BOID – Review
Follow Genre: RTS
Developer: Mokus
Publisher: tinyBuild
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

BOID – Review

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One of the biggest subjects and unanswered questions for mankind is the existence of alien lifeforms. Even more, are there certain planets that are livable for human beings? In BOID, it seems that we’re able to deploy certain structures to finally find out some of the answers. Although this certainly sounds promising, what happens if something went amiss?



Mankind has made some progression regarding technological possibilities and wants to explore the extra-terrestrial areas. The first drones are sent into space from the BOID program, making it possible to extend the intelligence of human race. Even more, this is also a great way to become the first race that can extend the reach of space and have multiple, viable planets.

A few months later, spaceship ‘New Orion’ in the solar system Kepler 42 gets an urgent message from the Alien Interference Bureau. It seems that one of the BOID drones has made a crash-landing on one of the planets in this system. As the Bureau doesn’t know what it was doing there and what the consequences are when the drone gets into contact with aliens, it is the task of our researcher to find out what happened and make connection with the drone. You’ll be able to make contact with BOID’s AI called Clava. In order to get a detailed crash area analysis, you can connect with the DNA mutator modules to gain control of the nearby lifeforms.


During the several missions, you get some intel from Clava and tutorials on how the several classes work. This certainly is a fun and cool addition, as it gives you an idea why exactly you are here and what is actually happening.


When you lay your eyes on the game for the first time, you’ll be enchanted by the graphics. Don’t expect a grand masterpiece, but the mood of the game is shown perfectly by the more dark and gloomy setting. Don’t expect to be venturing colorful, cheery areas as you’re stuck on an extra-terrestrial planet, where everything is owned by small alien lifeforms that try to destroy each other.

In the darker background, the flashy inhabitants of Kepler 42c certainly stand out. Don’t let their greenish color fool you, they’re more than capable to destroy their enemies, at least when they’re up against their favorite opponents.



Alien DNA and otherworldly battles asks for more grim but energetic tunes that will keep you interested and get your strategic senses in overdrive. No sweet lullaby but more dramatic, sci-fi music. The sound effects really helps to set the mood, as your little friends give short but clear affirmations that sound like your computer just went rampant. The combination of both elements give the game something mysterious, making that more fun to play.


BOID is a real-time strategy game where you need to take control of alien lifeform to get information regarding the crash site and the DNA of the extra-terrestrial creatures. You got the help from the AI Clava, while you need to guide your troops to safety or victory. Casualties will certainly occur, although it’s better to dodge at all costs. Some levels have Spawners, which will give you new units over time, while in other levels you’ll need to survive without extra troops. At any rate, strategic planning is the key element to get through a level.


Before you can jump into battle, you need to know the mechanics of battles. New units can be ‘trained’ to more specialized roles, which have a rock-paper-scissor system. Each unit has its speciality, but is vulnerable against his nemesis. For instance, the Crabs will kill the Scouts, while the Scouts beat the Guns and the Guns are good against Crabs. Next to these three skill sets, there are some extras that doesn’t really have any enemies. For instance, there is the Medic that heals your units on a distance, while the Bombs will detonate when getting close by enemies. If that isn’t enough, there are turrets that will make life harder.

This is actually all that there is to it. Make the right choices and get to the objectives so you can get to the next mission. Sometimes, there are bonus missions as well, giving you the possibility to get upgrades. Due to the increasingly more difficult levels, it doesn’t really need anything more fancy. In the end, it will be enough to get your strategic mind on the roll.


Next to the singleplayer mode, you can also go online and test your new strategies against real players. You can play a quick match or even ranked, on several predefined maps or own creations. This makes it that more fun, as you can choose where certain training areas are for instance. If online is a bit too feisty, you can also play against bots.


BOID is a game that will take you to a faraway planet in the Kepler 42 solar system and will let your inner strategist run wild. The more dark and gloomy setting, combined with the fluorescent aliens, are perfect to twaddle in. To emphasize this feeling, the music is adjusted and will take you on a more sci-fi tour. If you would like to get to the bottom of this story, be sure to wear a biohazard suit and get ready for the ride.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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BOID - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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