Booq Boa Squeeze – Accessory Review
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Booq Boa Squeeze – Accessory Review

Good: Design, Lid opens far - making it easy to insert binders, Quality
Bad: Front pocket is a tad awkward to use
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As you may have noticed, we value protecting our precious hardware when we’re on the road. In the past we have already presented you with many options in order to protect your laptops, Macbooks, tablets, smartphones and what not. Seeing we love to present our readers with a lot of options to find exactly that accessory that suits them the most, we are able to offer you our opinion of Booq’s Boa Squeeze, to widen the selection of items to choose from.

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The Boa Squeeze finds itself in the same size category as the Taipan Shock as well as the Mamba Daypack, which classifies the bag as a day to day backpack. Overall the bag might be a little smaller, due to its slightly slimmer base, which allows for less items to be stored inside. Again we are treated to a sportive yet elegant and classy appearance, creating a bag for every occasion. The side pockets have been implemented a tad more subtle than with the Taipan Shock, which ends up creating one smoother whole. Overall the zippers are not that noticeable, thanks to the very dark exterior of the bags, again contributing to that smoother whole.


Even with such a smooth design, the Boa Squeeze tends to offer enough room for your day to day activities.

  • On the front of the backpack, you will find a zipper that is placed vertically, in order to open a very small pocket in which you can store something the size of a small thin booklet, a wallet or other items roughly that size.
  • Slightly higher on the front of the backpack (actually almost on the top), you will find another zipper, which will open up another small pocket, to store your smartphone or another item the same size.
  • To open the main compartment, you are able to use the two zippers that run from the front of the backpack, all the way to the back/top of the bag, to end up at the other side of the front. This creates a big opening and may remind you of the door of the Delorean, that opens up quite gracefully. Inside the main compartment, you will find a decent amount of storage options, such as a small netted pocket on the inside of the ‘lid’ itself, where you can store some small trinkets, a small book and so on. Also on the inside of the lid, you’ll find a zipper enclosed pocket, in which you’ll be able to store quite a lot of (smaller) items. Such as a calculator, your smarthphone, pens, etc.
    The inside of the bag itself, is also divided in different pockets. The biggest one is used to store items such as books and binders you may need and other larger items. Next to it, is the pocket you can use to store your tablet or other paperwork the same size. Next to that one, you will find room to store a small address booklet, a small pocket to protect your smartphone and a penholder. Last but not least, you’ll find the area in which you are able to store your 13-15” Macbook (or slimmer Laptops). The last pocket is enclosed with a strap, with a velcro closure to secure your hardware.
  • On both sides, you will find two pockets in order for you to store some smaller accessories. You’ll also be able to (snugly) fit a small water bottle or another beverage. Both side pockets also have a small extra pocket on the inside, the size of a regular smartphone.


The Boa Squeeze is quite easy to use, thanks to the fact that nearly all compartments are easy to reach and easy to use. You’ll notice that you will have ample storage space and that the bag itself opens widely enough, in order to fit bigger items easily. Sadly, the front pocket is a bit awkward to fit in certain items, due to the position of the zipper, seeing it’s in the middle of the pocket.

As far as comfort goes, the Boa Squeeze has nearly the same amount of padding as the Taipan Shock. Not really that much of thick padding in the shoulder straps but more than enough to ensure a comfortable trip, even with some heavier items in the backpack.

Padding on the backside of the bag is a bit thicker to provide for extra comfort and the gritted design makes sure air is able to pass through. This prevents a sweaty back (for the most part) and thus contributing to the overall comfort once again.



To ensure even more safety of the devices you’ll be bringing along, Booq has the habit of using water resistant materials/coatings in order to make sure your hardware does not get wet. Certainly an appreciated function, if you end up using the backpack to go to work or trips.

Of course, the Booq’s Terralinq features is present as well. You’ll be able to register your product on the official website linking the unique code on the product to you. This makes sure, that when your bag gets lost, an honest finder can look up who it belongs to and perhaps even return it.


Booq’s Boa Squeeze is another great addition to Booq’s assortment of protective accessories. You’ll be presented with style, a decent amount of storage space and ample protection for your hardware. With its many compartments, you’ll surely be able to organize all the items you need on a daily basis.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (7 votes cast)
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Booq Boa Squeeze - Accessory Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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