Booq Taipan Shock – Accessory Review
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Booq Taipan Shock – Accessory Review

Good: Design, Comfortable to use
Bad: A little less padding in the shoulder straps
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After all the peripheral reviews on the site we decided it was time for another fun accessory review. One needs some great backpacks or storage devices in order to bring their hardware with them. Right? Today we are able to present you with our modest opinion of Booq’s Taipan Shock. Let’s see how shocking it truly is.

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The Taipan Shock is a daypack that is pretty much the same size as the discontinued Mamba daypack. That being said, the backpack looks quite different compared to the Mamba daypack. The bag itself has a more shinier surface and the alignment of zippers is quite different. You’ll get the impression that most of the ‘pockets’ are quite streamlined and connected seamlessly.

Overall the appearance shows a bit more details compared to the Mamba daypack, but it remains quite simple and suitable for every single occasion.

Simplicity does not mean the backpack does not have the required space for your favorite gear, gadgets and/or documents.

  • On the front of the bag you’ll find a small pocket that can house some small items or even a smaller tablet. The zipper is covered by the outer fabric, which makes it look a tad more spiffy than a normal zipper enclosed compartment
  • When opening the main compartment of the Taipan Shock, you’ll see several smaller pockets on the inside. One of these pockets is a small, open, netted pocket in which you can store some smaller items. Below that one you’ll find another small pocket that opens/closes with a zipper. On the other side of the bigger, main compartment, you will find another two open pockets. In one you can easily store some paperwork or a tablet. The other one can again hold some smaller items, such as a smartphone. Next to the smaller pocket, you will find three penholders, which might come in handy. The main compartment itself, can easily story a decent amount of paperwork, items, gadgets and of course the necessary food to live through your working day.
  • The zipper that runs on the top of the bag will open the compartment to store your laptop. This pocket can hold a 15” laptop quite easily and of course the 13-15” Mac devices.
  • On both sides of the backpack you will find a side pocket. Both of these pockets can be opened with a zipper and have a stretchable ‘net’ inside. This will allow you to store a bottle of water or some other beverage, even when it’s a tad wider than what the pocket is, when it is closed. These are also great to store your glasses, perhaps a set of cables (not too big) and some other items.


It’s easy to say that the Taipan Shock is a bit more comfortable than the Mamba daypack, in how it is used. The main compartment opens further, thanks to the ‘softer’ fabric, which will allow you to put in items, such as paperwork, more easily. Of course, the softer material will not make the shape of the bag restore itself after, for example, sitting on the bag (by accident we hope!).

Booq’s Taipan Shock is as comfortable in usage as it is in carrying around. Whilst this model has slightly less padding in the shoulder straps than the Mamba daypack, there is still ample, in order for you to have a comfortable experience. If you’re carrying a tad more weight, the pack provides a small ‘adjustable sternum strap’. To put it more simply, this is a small strap that connects both shoulder straps together, making carrying the bag around even more comfortable.

The back of the pack has quite a lot of padding, which will certainly come in handy for longer trips. You’ll find small holes in the fabric, in order to let it breathe, when you’re sweating. This will of course not prevent you from sweating but it will spare the bag more, than with normal fabrics.

To ensure a longer lifespan of the bag, the exterior has been made out of waterproof ‘fabric’ that will protect your bag in less than optimal weather conditions.

As usual Booq offers its Terralinq feature, which allows people to track who the backpack belongs to in case it gets stolen, or simply misplaced. Of course, in the end this depends on the kindness of those who will find your bag, it is still a good feature for the good Samaritans who want to do good.


Booq’s Taipan Shock indeed presents us with a shocking performance. From the flashy, yet simple design to its roominess and comfort. Even though the price category of this bag might not be the lowest, the quality is certainly more than most other bags of this price or typical ‘popular’ brands. A great choice to try out or simply look up, when you decide you’re in need of a new backpack for daily usage.

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Rating: 7.7/10 (21 votes cast)
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Booq Taipan Shock - Accessory Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 21 ratings

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