Fixture S2 – Accessory Review
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Developer: Fixture Gaming
Publisher: Fixture Gaming
Platform: Switch

Fixture S2 – Accessory Review

Good: Light but sturdy
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Switch gamers on the go will probably have noticed a few areas where Nintendo’s hybrid console doesn’t always shine, such as the quality of the Joy-Cons as well as the unpleasant shape of the Switch to hold it for longer periods of time. A Pro Controller solves a lot here, but these controllers are often linked to playing your games in Docked mode, as the Switch console itself is quite awkward to place on a table while playing with a wireless controller. When doing so, you often sit too far away from the console’s tiny screen, or it’s just simply something you can’t do when using public transportation or when you’re somewhere with no access to a desk or table. Fixture Gaming already solved this problem with the Fixture S1 for the original Switch, and now they have designed a new support bracket for the Switch OLED. We were curious to see what our gaming on the go would be like with our Pro Controller fully operational.

In short, the Fixture S2 is basically a small bracket for a Pro Controller and your OLED Switch console. This bracket can be adjusted in order to have a fun handheld experience with your Pro Controller and Switch, and you can adjust the angle of the switch, as well as determine how far you place the Switch into the designated bracket. This means that you can shift the weight as you see fit, and thus create the experience that is the most comfortable for you. You can opt to have the Switch lean further to the front, and thus create a central point of the weight directly above the controller, but you can also opt to have the controller a bit more visible if that is what you prefer. We enjoyed playing with the Fixture S2 when the Switch was almost directly above the Pro Controller, as this made the experience very comfortable and the weight was absolutely no issue then.

Sliding the console in the top bracket feels a bit rough, but we didn’t notice any scratches or chafing on the console’s shell. The back of your Switch will also be protected by the padding on the bracket, so if you have a limited edition version with a print on the back, you don’t have to worry. The resistance you’ll feel is simply to keep your pricey console in place, thus making sure it doesn’t just fall out. The Pro Controller clicks into the bottom bracket, and you’ll have to align the hole in the back properly with the USB-C charge port on the controller. This also feels a bit rough when doing so, but again, this ensures your controller will not pop out in the middle of a gaming session.

As mentioned above, it’s clear the Fixture Gaming wants to keep things comfortable, as the bracket also has a small hole in the back allowing easy access to the USB-C port of the Pro Controller. This means you can easily charge your controller while gaming without the need to actually remove the Pro Controller from the Fixture S2. This is a great plus, as it prevents wear and tear on the accessory.

Those who own the Fixture S1 and bought the matching Fixture S1 Carrying Case will be glad to hear that the Fixture S2 will also fit inside the case. This means that your old case will still be useful, and you immediately have a great case that allows you to bring your Fixture setup with ease. We loved working with the case, as it fits everything in a neat and tidy fashion, and the hard exterior made sure everything was well-protected. We still somewhat miss the extra pockets to bring a few Joy-Cons in case you’re playing a few multiplayer games with friends on the go.


Let’s be honest, the Fixture S2 may look like a simple piece of plastic for some, but it is in fact a very useful tool for gamers on the go who really do not like the Joy-Cons. If you’re unbothered by the overall poor quality of Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, then the Fixture S2 will not be your thing. If you love your Pro Controller and want to use it in an effective way on the go, then the Fixture S2 is the way to go if you own an OLED Switch. If you are still rocking the original Switch, you should look into the Fixture S1 model. We very much enjoyed working with Fixture Gaming’s products, and we are looking forward to seeing what they develop in the future.

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Fixture S2 - Accessory Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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