Fixture S1 Carrying Case – Accessory Review
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Developer: Fixture Gaming
Publisher: Fixture Gaming
Platform: Switch

Fixture S1 Carrying Case – Accessory Review

Good: Sturdy, Design, Perfect fit
Bad: Could have used designated pockets for Joy-Cons, Cartridges feel a bit 'loose' in their assigned pockets
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Throughout the years we have covered a lot of nice gaming peripherals, ranging from top-tier gaming mice and headsets, to budget-priced devices that offered solutions for gamers with a lower budget. We can imagine this is a great way to learn about products and to see if there is a consensus between different gaming platforms, but also what irks different reviewers when it comes to certain products. Buying your favorite product is a thrill in itself and often provides you with a lot of fun moments. Nonetheless, actually keeping your hardware clean and safe proves to be a different matter altogether. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a case for your handheld device, or even finding a quality screen protector can become a tedious trial. Well, for owners of the Fixture S1, things are made extremely easy with the release of the Fixture S1 Carrying Case. We were fortunate enough to have a review sample sent to us, and we can immediately say that we loved this simple-looking case. Switch owners who do not own a Fixture S1, but do own a Pro Controller, we do advise you to also read on, as this case also offers a great protective solution for your prized controller.

In essence, the Fixture S1 Carrying Case is mainly directed towards gamers who own a Fixture S1. This somewhat bulkier case allows you to put your Pro Controller neatly in the case, with the Fixture S1 still attached, and of course, your Switch also attached to that. Thanks to this, you don’t have to remove your mount every time, and you can just properly use your device on the go, without having to fear that your console will get damaged, or that your loose Pro Controller will constantly register (unwanted) button-presses, thus depleting its battery rather quickly. Outside of this convenient feature, the carrying case also allows you to put ten loose Switch cartridges in the available slots. If we have to be completely honest, this is the only part of the case that feels somewhat cheap, as the cartridges feel a bit too loose in their rubberband-like protection. They also stick out quite far, but this is probably to make it easier to see what games you’re carrying. This might perhaps be nitpicking on our part, but the rest of the case is so sturdy and boasts a certain quality, that this tiny feature stands out. In the top lid, there’s also a zipper-closed compartment that allows you to bring some cables or your detached Joy-Cons. Keep in mind, this case is only the width of a Switch console with detached Joy-Cons.

Now, for Switch gamers without a Fixture S1, this is the point of the review you’ve been waiting for. The case itself is also very nice if you’re a gamer that tends to use a Switch on another location. This could be interesting when visiting family or staying over at a friend’s house, to also safely bring your Pro Controller with you. You won’t have to go through the hassle of playing with the Joy-Cons or even pairing someone else’s Pro Controller to your Switch then. The Fixture S1 Carrying Case can also serve as a nice protective case for your Pro Controller, a few loose cartridges, and a charging cable or additional Joy-Cons. True, the case is somewhat bulkier to pack, but it beats having to put your Pro Controller in your backpack or suitcase without any proper protection. If you’re looking for a solution such as this, be sure to check out Fixture Gaming’s case.


Actually not costing much more than average cases, the Fixture S1 Carrying Case is a great accessory to protect your Switch, Pro Controller, and Fixture S1 mount. There is ample room to keep the mount attached, making sure your setup stays in one piece, skipping the hassle of having to disconnect the mount every time when you are on the go. The extra space for cartridges is also appreciated, as well as the additional zipper-closed pouch in the lid of the case. We would have loved to see a small dedicated space for Joy-Cons, but we reckon the pouch was kept simple to make sure you can also opt for cables or other useful items. We thoroughly enjoyed working with this case, and even the added handle was a thoughtful gesture. It’s clear that this item was made by gamers for gamers.

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Fixture S1 Carrying Case - Accessory Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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