Booq iPad Folio – Accessory Review
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Booq iPad Folio – Accessory Review

Good: Quality, feels great to hold, durable
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Tablet sales have never been as strong as they are now. Offering you the power of a computer without having to carry one around. Booq has been making accessories for smartphones and tablets as well as all different sorts of bags and briefs for some time now. Does their new Folio for Apple’s latest tablets (iPad Air and iPad Mini) reflect that?

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Tablets are small, light and very handy. They do have to be protected though. Without any protection scratches are inevitable. Booq sent us over their new iPad Folio which is available for both the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Right out of the box, it’s impossible not to notice the craftsmanship of which these are crafted. It starts with the packaging and goes all the way to the feel and look of the actual folio.

With so many folios to choose from, how can one stand out? The new Booq iPad Folio does something interesting. It’s a smart cover and iPad case in one, nothing really new here but they have done something interesting with how everything fits together. The smart cover attaches magnetically to the case itself while most other smart covers attach to the tablet itself or are made in one piece (not removable at all). Why is that a good thing? The 4 magnets on the back of the case attach the cover in a secure manner while still allowing it to be easily removed. It holds very well so it doesn’t detach when you don’t want it, however it is important to note that the manufacturer explicitly states that while the magnets are strong, you should not skydive with it. The modularity also adds the option of taking the tablet with you without the smart cover when you don’t need it or when you want to snap a quick picture without looking like a fool trying to keep the smart cover from obscuring the camera.


The smart cover itself does all the “smart” things we’ve come to expect on iPads. It’s made out of nubuck which is a special kind of top-grain leather. It feels great and doesn’t get fingerprints all over it like some other covers get. It’s very soft to the touch but scratches will show if you’re not careful. The case part of this product is made out of Premium PU. It’s a sort of plastic but doesn’t feel like plastic at all, a great thing. It’s a also very durable and very impact resistant, it should easily outlive your average iPad case. Inside of the case you’ll find a layer of foam to protect the iPad, a great touch.


The Booq iPad Folio is another example of what Booq does best: mixing quality and design with enough functionality to back it up. This folio feels and looks great and is durable. It’ll look the part without being too obnoxious and it’ll last a long time.

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Booq iPad Folio - Accessory Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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