LEGO Bricktales released today

LEGO Bricktales released today

Thunderful Games has announced today’s release of LEGO Bricktales. This highly-anticipated brick-building adventure is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In LEGO Bricktales, you’ll be journeying across five beautiful LEGO brick-themed biomes that take you from the deepest jungles and the scorching sands of deserts to the tropical Caribbean islands. With a new brick-by-brick building mechanic, you’ll be solving the many fun puzzles that encounter in this LEGO adventure.

On your search for inspiration to reinvigorate your grandfather’s rundown amusement park, you’ll meet a host of colorful characters that can help you with your LEGO-building skills. You’ll be tasked with putting together cool aesthetic creations, such as market stands and music boxes, and physics-based puzzles will let you build cranes and gyrocopters, delivered by the team behind the Bridge Constructor series.

Check out the release trailer for LEGO Bricktales below this post. Be sure to also check out our own review on LEGO Bricktales.

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