Booq Ultrathin Snap Case & Booq Glass+Case – Accessory Review
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Booq Ultrathin Snap Case & Booq Glass+Case – Accessory Review

Good: Great quality, extremely good protection against scratches.
Bad: Glass can be prone to cracks.
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Two more Booq-merchandise reviews. This time around I’m taking a look at two iPhone 5/5S cases and how well they manage to protect your idevice.

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Booq Ultrathin Snap Case

This is actually a product from last year’s manufacturing line. Essentially, though, it’s pretty much the same product as the more recent Booq Glass+Case I’ll talk about later on.

The package contains a cleaning cloth, glass protection to protect your screen and a polycarbonate case to protect the sides and the back of your iPhone.

The first thing I noticed about the case, is how akin it feels and looks like the iPhone 5’s own backside. Aside from the absence of an Apple logo, it remains remarkably similar to the original. At the same time though, it’s also more scratch-resistant than the iPhone 5’s own casing.


The same goes for the tempered glass that functions as a thin film to keep your screen safe. Glass has, of course always been more resilient to scratches than the polymer that’s more often used for iPhone films, but still I had to apply a lot of pressure on both a pocket knife and a pair of scissors to actually damage the film during testing.

Even then, I never managed to really damage the glass.

The above only holds up for the front of the glass, so be sure you’re careful when applying the film to your device. One word of advice: if you for some reason have to put the glass down after removing its plastic cover, either put it on its front side or make sure there’s nothing lying around that could potentially damage it.

So generally, the glass film offers more protection than a normal polymer one. There still are some disadvantages though.

After all, since you’re handling glass, it’s much easier to actually crack the film. Borders and corners are also more prone to chipping or breaking of when dropping your phone.

Another problem this case tackles, is the tendency that films made of polymer and other materials have to create air bubbles when applying them to your device. You’ll still have to deal with this to some extent, even when using tempered glass, but at least it’s a problem that has become a bit easier to avoid.


Booq Glass+Case for iPhone 5/5S

This year’s model is, like I mentioned earlier, virtually the same as its predecessor. The glass offers all the advantages the Snap Case-model offered, only this time around the glass film’s corners are less prone to getting loose.

I can’t say I encountered this malfunction with either of the cases, but I guess that could be because I’ve only been using them for approximately two weeks now.

For this model, I received the white version. Its backside is see-through, though, so It won’t completely hide scratches and marks already present on your iPhone.

As an extra, the Glass+Case also adds two adhesive home button covers. A welcome afterthought for me personally, since my phone’s home button has been pushed inwards permanently after a particular nasty fall last year.

The verdict then: both cases I reviewed today are of top-notch quality. The only fault I could find was that by using glass, you might have to end up having to replace the film after even the smallest of falls as cracks are bound to turn up.

Other than that, it’s a mighty fine product and like most products made by Booq it’s apparent how much the company aims to delivery quality goods.


For all specifications, click here.

Pictures in this review are all from the Glass+Case model, the only model currently available on Booq’s own site.


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Booq Ultrathin Snap Case & Booq Glass+Case - Accessory Review, 6.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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