Booq Viper Case 15 – Accessory Review
Follow Brand: Booq
Product: Viper Case 15
Type: 15" MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve/Case

Booq Viper Case 15 – Accessory Review

Good: Protects your MacBook from nearly everything, inside design allows for laptop usage without removing it from the case, compact design
Bad: No room to store accessories
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When buying a laptop, you’re probably investing quite a bit of money. That’s why people often opt to spend just a bit more to get that high-quality machine they need for work and play. For that same reason it’s very painful to see someone putting his laptop away without any real protection. There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a sleeve but when you want serious protection you should go for a hard case, luckily Booq has got those MacBook Pro Retina owners covered with the Booq Viper Case 15 for the 15” models.

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The Booq Viper Case 15 does not feature a striking design or flashy colours. The 2 colours it comes in are graphite and grey and it has a very subtle pattern to it. From the outside, the only thing that stands out are the 3 stripes of extra padding. The material used for the outer shell here is 1680D nylon which is what is used on heavy-duty equipment like parachutes. Safe to say that this semi-rigid, molded body, ballistic nylon exterior case should be able to take a punch. Of course this product is equipped with YKK high-quality zippers like we see on most of the Booq products. The overall appearance makes it look stylish yet low-key as not to attract unwanted attention. Safe to say that this semi-rigid, molded body, ballistic nylon exterior case should be able to take a punch.


The inside however is what makes the Viper Case a little bit special. It has 2 elastic bands which keep the 2 sides off the case together while opened at an angle of just under 90°. What allows you to do is open up the case, then open up your laptop while still in the case. That can be quite handy when dealing with small spaces to work in like a train. Another cool feature is an air mesh padding which will protect your laptop from scratches and other wrongdoings. It does however also have the added benefit of allowing some air flow to pass through from the bottom of your machine to the edges of the case. While minimal, when doing some medium-load work you will certainly notice how your laptop will be able to more easily deal with the generated heat.


The Viper Case 15 offers some true protection for your MacBook Pro Retina. While sadly you won’t be able to put any accessories in it, it’ll keep your machine safe from scratches but also from light to medium shocks. It also conveniently enables you to use your laptop without having to remove it from the case.

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Rating: 8.8/10 (8 votes cast)
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Booq Viper Case 15 - Accessory Review, 8.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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