Booq Viper Sling – Accessory Review
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Product: Viper Sling
Type: Shoulder Bag

Booq Viper Sling – Accessory Review

Good: Can contain most things you'd need in everyday life, feels and looks like a quality product, padding ensures protection of stored items
Bad: Just a tad too comfortably wear as a male
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There’s a funny trend going on when you look at everyday commuting. While technology is allowing devices to get smaller and smaller (look at powerful smartphones and tablets), people’s carrying bags seem to get bigger and bigger. Booq sent us over their Cobra Sling which, much like tablets, can contain everything you need in a small form factor.

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In simple terms, the Cobra Sling is a tablet sleeve with some extra room for accessories and a shoulder band. Of course Booq wouldn’t be Booq if they hadn’t made it in the form of a quality product which is both elegant and functional. When first looking at the bag, I did mistake it for a sleeve but upon further inspection you’ll quickly notice why it’s more. On the front there’s a small pocket, with a zipper, that can hold some thin items like some business cards, ear buds or a small keychain. The main section of the Cobra Sling is also secured by a zipper. In it, there’s a separate section for a tablet with a size of up to 10”. There are also some extra compartments here to store some pens, cards or a charger. On the back of the bag there’s a last section in which you can store some smaller items but it isn’t secured by a zipper.


The inside of the Cobra Sling is made out of polyester. That means that it should be quite easy to clean and makes it quite resistant to water as well. The outside of the bag is made out of a material called Bionic. You might not be familiar with it but it’s quite intriguing as it’s made out of recycled plastic bottles. Funnily enough, the bag doesn’t look recycled at all. As with most products Booq makes, it looks and feels premium. Adding to that premium feel is the addition of grease, to allow for smooth zipper movement. A nice little touch there, Booq. Of course the Cobra Sling wouldn’t be a shoulder bag if there wasn’t a shoulder strap. The strap itself isn’t anything special. Some extra padding would’ve nice on the portion where the strap meets your shoulder but the Sling shouldn’t be too heavy, even when loaded, due to its size. As with all bags, the Viper Slings comes with a metal plate attached with a unique code. When you ever lose your bag, an honest finder would be able to go to the website, which is also stated on the metal plate, and the bag would find its way back to you.

There’s a lot to like with the Cobra Sling. When looking critically at what you need during the day, you’ll find that you will be able to store it all in the small form factor of the Sling (provided you don’t need a laptop). I did find that as a male, the Cobra Sling is just a tad too small to carry around as a bag. For that perhaps my only complaint with this product would be that you can’t easily remove the shoulder strap and thus be able to use it as a sleeve/storage bag combo.


Booq’s Cobra Sling is exactly what you would expect it to be and more. It’s a great looking shoulder bag that holds tablets up to 10” and any accessories you might need during the day. The high quality materials of which the bag is made will ensure a long lifespan and good protection of what you put in it.

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Booq Viper Sling - Accessory Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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