Bring your news in Headliner: NoviNews on Nintendo Switch

Bring your news in Headliner: NoviNews on Nintendo Switch

Donald Trump would say ‘Fake news’. but Unbound Creations’ Headliner: NoviNews will be released for the Nintendo Switch next week. Chorus Worldwide will be responsible for the PS4 and Xbox One editions, which are scheduled for December 2019. The action-adventure was already released on PC which received numerous awards.

In Headliner: NoviNews the player manages as a chief editor of a news publication. Customize your avatar and go on the streets to discover the public opinion or meet powerful people to start a riot for example. You need to make crucial decisions to entertain your readers by deciding which article you will publish. Your decision affect the city that changes day by day. Will you support the national healthcare or praise the current government. Everything can be affected but keep in mind you have to maintain enough quota though.

With numerous endings and randomized events, the game will be shaped by your choices. The ‘Best Overall Game in 2018’ will be released on the 5th of September 2019 on Nintendo Switch.

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