Bunny Mania 2 – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Crispy Software Development
Publisher: FeelThere
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Bunny Mania 2 – Review

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Bad: Music might be a bit boring after a while
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Puzzle games tend to have the craziest subjects, but this title kept it rather simple. For some reason, there are bunnies that have lost their way (and ended up in a magician’s hat) and have to find their way home. This is where you come in, but at least you will have some tools to keep that flock in check.

Bunny Mania 2


Although it would have been nice to have something story-related, Bunny Mania 2 simply doesn’t have any. The only thing you have to do is to solve the puzzles and get all of the rabbits home, preferable with some nice vegetable snacks. This type of game doesn’t necessarily need a story but it would spice things up a bit.


Bunny Mania 2 has some fluffy images for you to dive into. The platforms and critters are drawn in a 3D style, while the background fades out in a flat, blurry world. As you must focus on what’s right in front of you, the combination of these two types of graphics makes you focus on the bunnies rather on what’s happening in the background. Depending on the level and world you’re in, you’ll be treated to quite colorful environments. The first world could have been a screenshot from your local forest with lush greenery while there are other areas that might be nightmare fuel with the creepy hollow trees. The interactable or important objects stand out, so you won’t be able to miss anything.

Bunny Mania 2


When you play the game for the first time, you might actually think you’ve started a farming game. The type of music makes you feel like you’re going to plough the field, grow some plants and herd cattle. Less is true though, but it kind of brings you to the right mindset of having some plain fun without overly thinking. Each world has its distinct soundtrack, so if you play this game for a longer period, it might be that you’ll be bored of hearing the same song over and over. The sound effects fit the setting of the game and makes it rather fun to listen to as it keeps you on your toes.


Bunny Mania 2 is a puzzle game where you have to take the lead in getting several bunnies home. There are 60 levels for you to go through, in four different settings. To complete the mission, you have to analyse the situation and react accordingly. There are quite some items for you to use, which will be unlocked when you progress the game. Parachutes and bombs are on this list too, for example. The level can only be completed if you bring as much bunnies to safety, so keep an eye out on your flock.

Bunny Mania 2

A level starts by dropping some bunnies from the top, just going their own way down and not looking where they’re going, even if they’re falling to their own death. It is your task to give them the right tasks. This means that you have to select this at the bottom of the screen and then press on the rabbit you want to enlighten with a job. For example, you can put the first critter on police duty, stopping everyone from passing, while others can start shovelling. You can always relieve bunnies from their task, so they can continue to their beloved home.

Each level has some collectibles to look out for, mostly in the form of a nice vegetable. Getting this snack will mean that you need to take a detour and even have to reconsider your strategy. Depending on the type of veggie, you will get more points. Although this might seem a rather unnecessary step, it’s actually needed to obtain as much stars as possible. If you’re able to get all your bunnies to safety and get all of the vegetables, you’re rewarded with three stars. These are needed to unlock the other worlds, so keep on getting those bunnies to safety with some snacks.

Bunny Mania 2

If you’re stuck on a level, there is also the hint system. This is the light bulb button in a level. You start with 10 of these and if you have no clue how to proceed, just press this button and the game will help you out. You gain more bulbs by obtaining stars and when you actually press the button, you’ve unlocked the hint system for that level indefinitely. Of course, the hint might not be the best route but the one that goes the fastest to the bunny house. If some bunnies are stuck, you can smite them from the skies so that you can at least finish the level, but it isn’t a fun thing to do.


If you’re looking for an easy-going puzzle game where you have to keep an eye on some bunnies, Bunny Mania 2 is something to reconsider. There isn’t any story-value, but if that doesn’t matter, then you can enjoy the rather nice graphics and fun music. The gameplay is really easy and guiding your rabbits to safety should be fairly straight-forward, although some might always get lost from the herd so keep your eyes peeled.

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