Bus Simulator Official Map Extension – Review
Follow Genre: Driving Simulator
Developer: Stillalive studios
Publisher: Astragon Entertainment GmbH
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PS4

Bus Simulator Official Map Extension – Review

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Good: New places to visit, New missions
Bad: It only unlocks at the end of the game
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In these harsh times, you sometimes miss the small things; from using public transport, to having your daily routine. During those days, it is ideal to pick up a simulator game, as the lockdown has made us stay at home. Since we now have plenty of time, it is the best moment that a DLC is released for Bus Simulator. This map extension will take the commute to busy cities and lovely mountain roads.

Bus Simulator is that game where you run your own public transport company. The main campaign is already pretty long and filled with fun missions. This DLC expands on the map and adds two new cities in the south. For those who haven’t progressed far yet, they will need to invest plenty of time to reach this new content as the map extension is set right at the end of the main storyline. When owning all the routes in the current map, you will unlock the keys to the far south.

Kerststadt is a bustling city that has some of the busiest parts of the whole area. Thanks to places such as the airport and university, this city is known as Silicon Valley. Many commuters will need a lift from all these busy points, so grab the largest bus that you have and be sure they get there on time. Not so ideal for large busses are the mountain roads of Sonnstein, this beautiful city will have narrow tunnels and serpentine roads, but will reward you with the loveliest panoramic views.

The red wire through the new DLC are nine new missions, these give you the objective to link the popular bus stops together in the new parts. Combined there are twenty new stops to master, these can prove to be quite the challenge as you must maneuver the bus through really busy or choked areas while commuters rant about being too late. While this seems like a lot, due to it being stretched over quite a large lot, it will feel like not that much.

To up the challenge even more and show that you master the new content, there is a range of new stickers and skins for the bus you can unlock. Console players will have new achievements to unlock as well.


It is great to see some DLC for Bus Simulator, as this was already a nice game with a lot of content. Sadly there are a few problems present as you only unlock this content after completing the main story. For those who haven’t completed the main story will have to spend some time to grind through the story mode. Once you finally reach the DLC content, things might be a bit of a letdown as the twenty extra stops feel like only a small amount of extra content. Then again, the extra content will surely entertain you for a while.

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Rating: 3.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Bus Simulator Official Map Extension – Review, 3.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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