Call of Duty: Mobile delivers ’80s Action Heroes and Cowboys for season 4

Call of Duty: Mobile delivers ’80s Action Heroes and Cowboys for season 4

Call of Duty: Mobile is about to go west, when season 4: Spurned and Burned starts this Thursday. From 2 am CEST on the 27th of May, players will be able to test their quick-draw skills in the Wild West-themed season. The new season brings along a slew of updates, including a new version of the 1v1 Duel mode and improvements to the Multiplayer Mode and Capture the Gold. Additionally, players can battle it out on Dome, a new map from Modern Warfare 3. Naturally, new functional weapons make their debut as well: the versatile Holger 26, along with a new Mythic version and the MK2 marksman rifle. The battle pass features more than 50 tiers of rewards too, including Wild West-themed characters.

That’s a lot to be excited for, and we’re not even counting the limited-time multiplayer mode that launched on the 20th of May, which gives players the opportunity to become Rambo or John McClane and the two new bundles for Call of Duty Mobile that celebrates these ‘80s action heroes. You can jump into the ‘80s action straight away, and you won’t have to wait for long to sling some guns in the Wild West. In the meantime, we’ve got a trailer to tide you over. In the end, all of this is free to play.

Even though the game is getting more and more content, which is appreciated by its community, the game has been raising eyebrows ever since it was released. The publisher holds onto dated principles of loot boxes, making players feel like they’re gambling, rather than playing a game from a franchise they love. Nonetheless, the team behind the game made a statement, which was widely shared on Reddit.

Based on community feedback and player behavior we arrived at an approach that offered maximum choice to users.” To this day, no singular method is prioritized for CoD Mobile. “Bundles, crates, draws, robust credit store, they’re all there.

From weapon skins to Operators, there’s plenty to unlock in the CoD Mobile store.
Every method is available to every player in an attempt to offer “maximum choice,” they stressed. Whether you purchase an unlock directly through points, or you pay for a bundle outright, many options are available.

We’ll keep reading, keep taking in feedback, and keep discussing new ways to add systems or improvements that help improve your experience with our store. Thank you all for the many discussions about this and for the passion driving the communities behind it.

It does show that the community does have a bit of weight it can pull when it comes to these types of things. Nonetheless, as more and more countries are banning loot boxes, by making certain games unavailable when they have them, we still recommend trying out a safe environment if you want to do some actual gambling, which might end up giving you something in return. There are different options to play slots and games online. These games have changed a lot in the past, as a casino is often not the exact same thing we have come to know from different movies and series. A lot of the games on offer are catered towards different people, including a lot of gamers. Many slots and other activities now also have certain themes. As always, we do advise you to gamble and play these games in moderation, to make sure things remain fun. It’s always nice to dabble with placing a wager, and it’s even more fun if you can earn a few bucks when doing so.

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