Can Video Games Make Students Smarter?

Can Video Games Make Students Smarter?

The impact of video games on the human brain and behavior has been actively discussed for years. According to the common misconceptions, such an experience is a complete waste of time that has no use. Nonetheless, the results of several studies prove the opposite, highlighting the positive impact gaming has on attention, memory, alertness and learning.

Although it may sound unexpected for many people, computer games are beneficial for college students. At this point, it is critical to highlight the word moderation, which is prominent and may predetermine the outcomes. Anyway, if the video game playing experience does not interfere with studying, social activities or other experiences, it may be a beneficial and useful undertaking.

Moreover, a considerable number of people are convinced that video games can make learners smarter. Is it still complicated for you to agree with the statement? Believe it or not, video games enhance attention spans, enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills, improve learning and contribute to memory. Are you impressed? Well, it may be the right time to cope with your homework and download one of the most popular games.

Effects of Video Games on Students

It is impossible to deny that video games are notorious among college students, professors and parents, as they are likely to take much of your time and bring no result. In most instances, such activities are considered to be a complete waste of time. Furthermore, a lot of students are ready to compromise their academic success in order to enjoy another round of a favorite game.

Over 40% of learners who are looking for a comprehensive  99papers review on do not lack the time or skills necessary for the completion of an assignment but rather strive to obtain an opportunity to enjoy the time relaxing and relishing the gaming experience. In such instances, the influence of such an option might sound negative, but if used in free time, it may be a great way to aid studying and mastering some important skills.


According to the results of numerous studies, certain types of computer games can contribute to attention control. The overwhelming majority of high-speed games require alertness in order to notice little details and important elements. Additionally, there is no way you succeed with the round if you are not focused on the critical aspects within the game. There is no chance you get distracted, as it will lead to an instant failure.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of college students who play computer games become much more attentive and alert. Besides, they are characterized by a fast reaction and a better ability to concentrate on important items.

Memory and Learning

Attention and memory are related notions, so there is no way you can enhance attention without improving memory. At this point, it is indispensable to highlight that some processes are advanced on the subconscious level, so you may not even realize that your memory is trained while you are playing video games. Nonetheless, both short- and long-term memory is advanced when college students dive into the gaming experience. Boosted hand-eye coordination, shorter reaction time, better visual perception and a plethora of other advantages may help you become a better student.

Problem Solving

College students who choose interesting games with an appealing plot and challenging rounds may learn to find beneficial solutions in complicated situations much faster. Playing the game, you have no time to analyze the situation, possible outcomes and solutions. Instead, you have to act fast, taking the most effective decisions in the shortest while.

Problem-solving skills are best practiced while playing strategy and action games, as planning and decision-making are the fundamental aspects of such options.

Decision Making

It has already been mentioned that quick reaction, alertness and rapid decision-making are the core aspects of any computer game. Consequently, irrespective of the item you choose, you will have a valuable chance to master some of your skills and become smarter and more intelligent. At the same time, it is critical to mention that video games cannot replace traditional studying experience, but they can be a beneficial addition to it.

Taking Maximum Advantage of Video Games: Tips to Follow

Intelligence is one of the most complicated notions that are difficult to explain and train. However, it consists of many components that can be practiced and advanced, making a person smarter. Thus, developing memory, skills, and knowledge, computer games can make a student more productive and efficient.

Are you excited about an opportunity to relish your favorite item legally? Well, at this point, one should not forget a few important rules:

  • Studying first. You should search for the assistance of or other professional essay writing companies to get extra free time for playing video games.
  • Moderation is a key. If you spend an hour a day relaxing and taking advantage of the entertaining experience, it may be beneficial. Nonetheless, if you forget about all your responsibilities to play games, you should double-check your priorities.
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