Can you Play Bingo No Deposit and Keep what you Win?

Can you Play Bingo No Deposit and Keep what you Win?

If you’ve been playing online bingo for a while, you must have come across offers advertising ‘Play Bingo, No Deposit Required!’ Does no deposit really mean you don’t have to deposit cash? Surely this means that you can’t keep your winnings? So many questions, and we’ve got answers – read on to find out whether you can truly keep what you win when playing no deposit bingo!

What is No Deposit Bingo?

‘No Deposit’ is a term that you will hear all over the world of casino games. Back in the old days, if you were to play bingo then you would first have to deposit some cash, and that would be that – hop over to here. These days, the internet has given birth to all sorts of offers, including ‘no deposit’ games. This literally means that you will not have to deposit any cash to play the game, and is often accompanied by some form of bonuses such as receiving £10 worth of tokens to play bingo with! There are tons of ways to play bingo with no deposit, including:

          Sign Up deals

          Referral deals

          Exclusive V.I.P deals

Whether you are brand new customer, inviting your friend to join you on a particular bingo game, or part of a exclusive ‘high roller’ programme – you should have no shortage of offers when it comes to no deposit. However, is this really as good as it sounds, and can you withdraw the cash that you win? Let’s find out!

Keeping your Winnings

First of all, lets get something straight – you absolutely can keep your winnings when it comes to no deposit bingo, so it truly is as great as it seems! There isn’t a ‘catch’, and as long as you read the terms and conditions of an offer there shouldn’t be any unexpected surprises. What do we mean by terms and conditions? Well, there will usually be some form of criteria that determines exactly when you are eligible to withdraw your winnings. Example of these terms include:

          You are a first-time depositor on the website

          Jackpot winnings may be capped

          You may have limited time to use your free bet and withdraw your winnings.

Ultimately, you truly can keep the money that you earn through a no deposit offer, but there are a few rules that you need to follow. These are simply to cover the website’s back and ensure that the offers cannot be abused. To find out more about how and when you can withdraw your no deposit winnings, refer to the terms and conditions of the bingo offer – they will always be there!

There Is Such Thing as Free Bingo

Overall, you truly can play bingo no deposit and keep what you win – these no deposit offers benefit both the player and the website, so there really is no need for a catch. However, it’s important that you investigate the terms and conditions of every offer you participate in, just to make sure that you understand how and when you can withdraw this cash. Seems fair to us!

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