Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution – Review
Follow Genre: casual, indie, simulation, visual novel, point-n-click
Developer: Oh, a Rock! Studios
Publisher: Oh, a Rock! Studios
Platform: PC, Mac
Tested on: PC

Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution – Review

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Imagine that humans get so corrupted, and get banned from the government so that cats need to take over the American political game. Then again, why imagine if you can actually experience it in this playful visual novel Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution? This turned out being a game – very similar to Hatoful Boyfriend and other well-known dating sims – that is full of politics, cats, and stupid puns.


The story begins in your dog guidance counselor’s office who tells you that your resume was “a disaster” and that he has “fixed” it by filling it up with over-the-top work experience such as you being a CEO and that you are the youngest person to have ever walked the moon. Whether you like it or not, Don the dog guidance counselor has already sent out your new and improved resume to over 50 companies. Frustrated, you storm out of the office to start your workday.

The first job of the day as a driver for Mewber, the cat ride-sharing service, you need to pick up three cats who all, coincidentally, need a ride to the Convention Center. You decide to pick them all up in one go which results in quite an interesting ride.

Here, you meet and get to know the first three of the six candidates who will run in the upcoming presidential campaign: Poopsie IX, the very confident political snob; Earl Grey, the old but most experienced politician; and Fe.Line, the statistic-focused robot cat.

Once you dropped the furballs off, you check your emails and find out that you are hired as a Campaign Manager for one of the candidates. As you are expected at the Convention Center anyways, you decide to go in to tell them that it was all a mistake and that the resume is incorrect. Inside, you meet the other three political candidates: Mr. Biscuits, the very nice but inexperienced cat dad; Banders, the passionated but bonkers patriot; and Kaleidoscope, the celebri-kitty who plays a president on TV and now thinks he can be one too in real life.

After meeting all of our potential cat presidents of the United States, we encounter Miss Champagne. She’s very excited to be hiring you and offers $10,000 dollars a month to do your job as a Campaign Manager. You may even pick your own candidate. Because no one in their right mind would decline such an oppurrrtunity, you accept the job immediately and are ready to choose who you want to lead to victory.

This is where your adventures as a political campaign manager in Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution takes off. The game has around 20 different endings across the six main stories and even a bonus story after finishing.


It’s hard to criticize the graphics since the entire game is clearly intended to look quite terrible. Of course, this is intentionally done so that we fully experience the goofiness of it all. It’s so bad that it’s good. Everything in the game is badly Photoshopped and pasted together that it’s actually hilarious and charming. There’s not much more to say about the graphical prowess of the game, except that even though it’s somewhat ‘bad-looking’, there was still some work and effort put into this project.


The same goes for the game’s sound design. Where there are cats, there are meows. Cat President 2 definitely delivers this animalistic experience. Besides the meowings and the purrings, the game also has (im)perfect in-tune sound effects and background noise/music to give us the full immersion. There’s nothing all too special to mention here, but what’s there does enhance the overall experience of this wacky game.


Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution is a goofy visual novel, full of cat puns and political references. Depending on how much you like cats and puns, Cat President 2 can be a delight or your purrsonal hell. The game follows the typical formula of the genre, making you read through a lot of text and occasionally prompt you to make a choice. The latter will of course in turn alter the flow of the events that are about to come. This title is similar to most visual novels and dating sims out there. One such well-known game is Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating sim about a high-school full of birds. Well, Cat President 2 is very similar to that but then with fluffy creatures instead of feathered ones.

Visual novels/dating sims are easy to play since you barely ‘play’ the game. You mainly sit back, relax, and click through the dialogue and see how the story unravels. Most of these stories can still twist and turn depending on your in-game response choices which keeps you engaged so you don’t just sit there, practically reading a book from a screen. In Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution, you can get up to 20 different story endings depending on said choices. Besides all the endings, you can also choose from six different main stories, depending on who you chose to be Campaign Manager for.


Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution doesn’t seem like much but it is everything and more. It’s relaxing, funny, and easy to play. Thanks to these factors it becomes a purrfect game to play casually. The graphics, storytelling, and puns are goofy, to say the least, summing up what Cat President 2 is all about. It’s charrrming, enjoyable, and nothing like the 2020 presidential election – which we all need right now.

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Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

“Keep your friends close, but your memes even closer”.


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