CEO’s Checklist to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

CEO’s Checklist to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

Running a business is a tough job. Being the CEO of a company means that you have to think and worry about everything, and oftentimes, you might be too preoccupied with how to run your company and forget about the wellbeing of your employees and their feelings. Successful companies understand the importance of happy employees and how much they contribute to your overall business success. Here are some things to keep in mind about how to keep your employees both happy and productive.

Consideration Of Their Input

One of the best ways for CEOs to keep their employees happy is to listen to them. This can be one of the biggest ways to encourage, engage, and connect with your workforce. Your employees working under you have to deal with a variety of issues daily and on the front line. This can include having to deal with customers in a retail setting, to use the tools and equipment necessary for your job’s industry. If an employee provides you input, and especially if those sentiments are confirmed and repeated by others, these are things that should be heavily considered by CEOs and other leaders. The higher you climb up any company ladder, the more removed you are from the basic functioning of your company. These might be the most essential parts of your business and it is in your best interest to listen with open ears and have a willingness to adapt and change.

Appreciation And Rewards

Employee happiness can be addressed in a variety of ways. One of those ways that can boost the morale of your team and encourage them to continue to succeed is through recognition and appreciation. This can be in the form of rewards, and even promotions to take on more leadership and responsibility. Positive reinforcement is a strategy that works well within the workplace, and your employees will come to work more motivated and happy if they feel that they are being seen and recognized for their efforts. Ways that you can reward your employees can be through gifts and bonuses, for reaching certain goals and quotas since money is a strong motivator, but also through recognition, as done by many companies with an employee of the month for example.

Health Benefits And Security

In addition to yearly or even monthly bonuses, one way to encourage and promote happy employees is through the feeling that the company is looking out for their needs. One way this is accomplished is through benefits plans like health plans, dental care, and job security. These are great incentives for employees that aren’t based on their performance, which translates to caring for your team, which in turn translates to employees not having to worry about extra expenses and issues they would otherwise have to stress over. This peace of mind will positively affect their work and performance.

Training And Learning Opportunities

Growth is key to all facets of employment. When you are considering what factors help keep your team and staff happy, the opportunity to grow within a company often contributes to positive feelings towards the company itself, driving and promoting a sense of pride and desire to do better in their work environment. Training courses paid for by the company and inhouse learning opportunities not only create this positive feeling within your company or business, but it also helps you grow as a company as a whole, as it is a lot more financially beneficial to grow and promote internally as opposed to trying to entice others and hiring from outside your company. Retaining talent is one of the most important aspects of growth and training and learning provides that incentive to stay for your employees.


At the end of the day, everyone that works within your company is a person with a life outside of work. The most successful companies and businesses recognize the importance of their team to be able to dedicate time to their home responsibilities and families. Providing flexibility in terms of being able to take days off for families has a huge impact on mental health, which directly relates to your employee happiness. If your company is set up to operate and work remotely as well, this can provide staff the needed time to spend relaxing and away from work in order for them to do their jobs without feeling burnout.

Positivity within a company has a great impact on your bottom line and financial outcome. Happy employees will do their jobs better, and represent your company with positive energy. CEOs need to remember that no matter the industry or business, their employees will always be crucial to success as a whole, no matter their position.

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