Character & Story info for Rodea: The Sky Soldier

Character & Story info for Rodea: The Sky Soldier

Plenty of you are eagerly awaiting more news of the flying adventure that is Rodea The Sky Soldier. NIS America has released an infinite amount of character and story information for the adventurous game, so let’s start with the beginning.

Once upon a time, there were two countries: Naga, a terrestrial machine empire, and Garuda, a floating kingdom in the sky. The Naga Empire thrived exponentially thanks to their advanced technology but their power was not enough. The Naga are desperately seeking the power contained in crystallized Graviton energy and when they gaze skyward at the neighboring kingdom of Garuda, they launch a full-scale invasion.

Princess Cecilia, daughter of Emperor Geardo, ruler of Naga, wants to flee to Garuda with her faithful robot bodyguard, Rodea. Trapped by pursuers, she entrusts Rodea with half of the Key of Time – an artifact that is integral to the success of Naga’s invasion. Using the powers of the remaining half of the Key of Time, she teleports Rodea to Garuda, ultimately depriving Naga of the complete artifact. Hundreds of years has since passed and the failed invasion is regarded as little more than a historical footnote in the pages of history. Until a young enthusiastic woman, named Ion, discovers a deactivated broken robot in ancient ruins and restores Rodea to working condition.

More details about the gameplay has been given as well such as the fact that a manipulation device, which is fueled by Graviton energy, allows Rodea to sear across Garuda. Other than restoring flight energy, Gravitons can also serve as directional guides to reach certain goals faster. Furthermore, the flight energy is depicted as an energy gauge inside the reticle, which will slowly diminish as Rodea stays airborne. If there is no landing sport beneath Rodea when the gauge reached zero, Rodea will lose a spare part and restart from the most recent save point.

The basic attack actions have been explained as well, but other than aiming and pressing A to enter flight mode and pressing B to use a boost attack, there is not much more to explain.


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