Chasers, a new project on Indiegogo

Chasers, a new project on Indiegogo

Chasers, a new project on Indiegogo seems to combine the elements of a classic arcade game with a few RPG elements. Quick action, combined with elements that offers you more replay value.

The game is multiplayer game between 2 teams, and the main game mode is a special game mode we developed that called chase. In chase mode, the two teams are having different goals to win the match, which is more interesting to play.

Chasers is also unique because it combine both speed of arcade games and tactics from the strategy RPG games.

The sessions are short, so you really focus on the game, every minute is critical.

As for the graphics, chasers style is bringing back the classic cartoon lines, simple and understandable figures but also unique and fun.

The animations and items of all characters will be customizable so every player will have the ability to choose how he wants to experience the game. Most of the stuff that can be changed in the character is big and clear on screen, so the changes you make are noticeable.  

.Check out the Indiegogo project here

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Chasers, a new project on Indiegogo, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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