Check out these three exciting trailers from Gamescom

Check out these three exciting trailers from Gamescom

Gamescom was just recently, which means we have a whole lot of extra games to look forward to. New releases were announced and gameplay was shown off, to get gamers across the globe hyped for upcoming content. Today we’re highlighting three trailers first shown at the convention, that you might be interested in.

First, there’s Session: Skate Sim which dropped a trailer for their new San Fransico map that Early Access players will soon get to enjoy as well.

Steelrising does a similar thing in their newest trailer, where it shows off the game’s dark and brooding setting of Paris, remade in accurate detail. This is where players will soon take their battles onto the streets.

Last but not least there’s the launch trailer of Train Life: A Railway Simulator, which is now available on PC.

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