Chinese New Year in Overcooked 2

Chinese New Year in Overcooked 2

The Chinese celebrate the New Year a bit later than the rest of the world, to honor this, Team17 and Ghost Town Games are excited to bring out the news that the Spring Festival has arrived in Overcooked 2. This free update comes with two new chefs: a turtle and a rat and five themed levels with your most favorite Eastern meals on the menu.

Key Features

  • New Chefs. Normally rodents shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen, but as it’s the Year of the Rat we’ll let it slide. Rat chef is ready to rustle up some fresh festival food alongside Turtle Chef, who is anything but a slow cooker!
  • New Levels. There may be a runaway dragon leaving havoc in its wake, but that doesn’t mean the cooking can stop. Players will work their way through five new levels all created around the Spring Festival theme.

For those who like the game and have not checked out the extra content, it is a real treat! At the modest price of £14.99/€18.99/$18.99 on consoles and on PC in the Steam Lunar New Year sale for £11.24/€14.24/$14.24 you get acces to Night of the Hangry Horde, Carnaval of Chaos and Campfire Cook Off.

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