Chucky steps into the ring in WWE SuperCard

Chucky steps into the ring in WWE SuperCard

Today, 2K Studio Cat Daddy Games has announced that the horror icon Chucky from the eponymous movies will join the fray in WWE SuperCard from October 5th until October 9th. Chucky will be featured on a special Arcane tier card that will be offered through a new quest that challenges players to complete all the objectives in the game. Players in the Arcane tier or higher will be rewarded with this Chucky card.

For those who want to Pro or fortify the Chucky card, there will be more opportunities to get this card through October. Chucky will appear multiple times in RewardMania and at certain moments in rewards and packages.

For those who want a less scary experience, there’s the Watch Party for the Extreme Rules premium live event. This is a temporary function where players can use their skills as fantasy bookers and predict the outcome of games with the help of their cards. By making more correct predictions and using better cards, your chance for a reward will increase.

For more info about WWE SuperCard and 2K, check out the official website or the game’s socials.

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