CM Storm Ceres-400 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Cooler Master
Publisher: Cooler Master
Platform: PC

CM Storm Ceres-400 – Hardware Review

Good: Great design, Light weight
Bad: Might feel fragile to some, misses some extra features
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It’s been a while since we last reviewed the CM Storm Sonuz and the Thrustmaster Y-250, which means it’s time for some new content for our hardware section. This time we have the chance to present you with an evaluation of CM Storm’s bulky Ceres-400 headset. Will the Y-250 finally pass along its title of pilot to this nifty looking piece of hardware, or will we have another co-pilot on our hands?


Right of the bat, it’s clear the designers of the Ceres-400 went for a mix between the bulky headsets we see nowadays and the design of the larger headphones you’d use on a daily basis, to enjoy your favorite music. The Ceres-400 has been out for quite some time but it caught our eye once again with the release of the white model.

Weight is not an issue for the Ceres-400. Cooler Master decided to try and build a bulky headset, with the weight of a much smaller headset. This design choice of course comes with the issue the Ceres-400 might feel a little more fragile and ‘cheaper’ than its heavier counterparts like the Sonuz and the Y-250. Then again, in the end it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Like the Sonuz, the Ceres-400 is also plug and play with 2 different jacks: 1 for audio and 1 for the microphone. Sadly once again these jacks have no indication of which is which. A simple yet welcome gimmick that would be helpful for those who are bad in remembering color codes.


Covering your ears is no problem with the ear cups on this nifty looking headset. The cups are made that exterior sounds/noises can still be heard quite clearly and this might annoy those who love to be emerged in their gaming experience. Again a matter of personal preference and in the end, the sound quality is one of the most important factors. A factor the Ceres-400 lives up to. Even though the headset is a lightweight compared to the other two, the sound quality is pretty much the same.

A control mechanism is fitted inside wires of the Ceres-400 and provides basic features such as turning the microphone on or off, or setting the right volume. Even though these features are pretty much ‘all you need’ when playing casual games. Extra’s like being able to filter noise or even setting the bass would have been a nice touch.

The sensitive microphone of the Ceres-400 looks quite simple but it provides quality and can be set in all the right angles to provide you and your listeners with the right comfort. Sadly the microphone can’t be removed from the actual headset. Again this will be annoying for some, while others will not care about such features.


Own opinion:

It’s easy to immediately start off by saying the design of this headset is awesome and sadness struck me when it was no option to remove the microphone. It would have been great to use this headset indoors as well as outdoors.

Being used to the heavyweights it was fun and very comfortable to use the Ceres-400. Especially when you’re in for a few long gaming sessions. At first the light weight of the headset came paired with the fear of breaking it easily or an overall sense of fragileness. This ‘sensation’ quickly disappeared and after that, the Ceres-400 pretty much felt like the lightweight brother of the other two.


Personally I was only ‘really’ disappointed by the lack of extra features on the control mechanism, other than that the Ceres-400 is a solid headset that is worth its price. The lightweight contender might start a new line of bulky headsets with a different feel to them. Even though the Y-250’s reign is still supreme, this underling might have started something new.

Note: For a full list of specs, click here.

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CM Storm Ceres-400 - Hardware Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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